Cutting Edge Stencils is consistently featured in prominent magazines and publications, as well as on TV and viral video sites. Our stencils are very popular among DIY home decorators. The projects feature stenciled accent walls, painted furniture, stenciled accent pillows and even stenciled tile floors. Take a look below and click on the thumbnails to read what all the hype is about!


Our Poppy Allover stencil was used to create this stunning wall
Stenciled accent pillows for the living room
Amazing bone inlay stenciled dresser in blue and white with Nagoya craft stencil
Stenciled DIY wall art: Cascade stencil
DIY wall art with a stencil
Stunning stenciled accent walls
Our Alexa stencil is on the cover!
Fabulous bedroom wall stenciled patterns
Inlay furniture stencils and herringbone paterned bookcase
Amazing white and blue dresser featuring our Secret Garden Toile stencil
Our Marrakech Trellis stencil looks fab in black over white on this bedroom wall, plus some Snowflake stencils for Christmas decor!
Dramatic black and white Chevron stencil for bedroom wall
Plaster stenciling technique is used to embellish a planter with our Ammonite fossil stencil
Our Tuscan trellis stencil is used to create a custom curtain
Accent table embellished with floral Allium Grande stencil
Stenciled accent walls, rugs and coffee table
Blue Ikat stencil for the closet wall
Amazing stenciled backyard fence with Dandelion stencils!
Laundry room makeover with Trellis stencil
Floral stencils for craft projects, Zinnia grande stencil
Beautiful Birch forest stenciled wall
Stenciled floor rug with our Funky Wheel stencil on the cover!
Stenciled floor rug with our Zinnia stencil is on the cover!
Elegant grey walls featuring our Moroccan pattern Zagora
Stenciled accent pillows for the porch
Variety of stencil projects: planters, curtains and even a stenciled floor
Pink and orange feature wall with Aladdin Stencil
Elegant Sycamore Branch stencils for the bedroom walls
HGTV Design Star winner Kim Myles talks about her stencil line with Cutting Edge Stencils
Beautiful Sari Paisley stenciled entryway walls
Furniture makeovers with stencils: our Moroc-n-Roll stencil is used to repurpose a bookcase
Gorgeous metallic gold stenciled walls with geometric stencil pattern Alexa
Stenciled headboard with moroccan trellis design Zagora stencil
Dramatic blue and white Birch forest stencil wall plus elegant moroccan wall pattern
Fabulous damask stenciled ceiling feauturing Damask Anna Stencil
Paint-a-pillow makes top 100 products list!
Wallpaper look with our Diamond damask stencil
Stenciled kitchen walls with Hourglass stencil
Stenciling a medallion around a ceiling light fixture with Georgian Medallion Stencil
Gorgeous mudroom stenciled in Birds and Branches stencil pattern
DIY dare challenge: stenciled inlay blue dresser project
Dining room table transformed with a stencil
Stenciled tablecloth and paint-a-pillow
Stenciled kitchen backsplash featuring Nagoya craft stencil
Black and white trellis wall pattern for the bedroom
Heritage Grill stencil in the elegant living room
Stenciled closet walls with Trellis Allover Stencil
Adorable Lace stenciled entryway wall with Charlotte allover stencil
Various small stencil projects: stenciled lampshade, paisley accent pilow
Stunning stenciled walls and step-by-step stencil instructions
Take a tour of our beautiful Arts and Crafts stenciled home in Mahwah
Gorgeouse stenciled kitchen floor with Shipibo stencil
Cute Butterfly and Dragonfly stencils for the playful bedroom
Another tour of our beautiful home, featuring stunning chinoiserie goldleaf ceiling with Maple branch stencil
Beautiful stenciled emerald green chinoiserie tablecloth
Beautiful bone inlay stenciled dining table
Elegant stenciled curtains with Harmony Damask stencil
Stenciled headboard design with Covington stencil
Built-in bookcase embelishment with geometric stencil pattern
A bunch of cool stenciled projects: walls, pillows, rugs
Chabby chic ideas featuring our French poem stencil, Damask Gabrielle stencil and Charlotte lace stencil
Stenciled kitchen floor
Floral stencils for craft projects: Crysanthemum Grande stencil


Our Paint-a-Pillow is featured on Rachael Ray show!
Our Rabat stencil is used to create a custom doormat
Designer Kim Myles shows you how to stencil a side table in just 2 minutes!
Amazing use of stencils for MTV Real World House! So many colorful projects
David Bromstad from HGTV used the Rachel Brocade stencil in this contemporary room
Meg Caswell of HGTV’s Great Rooms created this sunny kitchen with our Hand Forged stencil, designed just for this show!
Our Trellis stencil is featured on this elegant bath silver walls
DIY expert Leigh Ann Perrault demostrates an easy wall stenciling technique on CityLine TV with our Zamira stencil
Colin and Justin transform a hotel room on a budget. Side table featuring our Anchor stencil
DIY expert Leigh Ann Perrault created a cool mid-century room with our Connection Stencil
Benjamin Moore Paint DIY expert Sharon Grech stenciled a geometric pattern using our Shapes stencil
Paint-A-Pillow is debuting on CityLine!
Benjamin Moore Paint DIY expert Sharon Grech decorated a balcony on a budget with our Medina Tile Stencil
Our Birch Forest stencil is used to decorate this spaceous playroom
Kim Myles’ Ginkgo Stencils grace the walls of this dining room
Featuring our Sari Paisley stencil
Stunning black and silver walls with our Zamira stencil
DIY expert Leigh Ann Perrault created a beautiful floral room with stencils
DIY expert Leigh Ann Perrault stenciled a gorgeous Indian inlay stenciled coffe table
Stencil makeover with Coco Trellis Stencil and Tribal Arrows Stencil
Marc and Mandy used plaster chalk paint and our French Poem stencil to create a beautiful wallpaper look on a budget
Benjamin Moore Paint DIY expert Sharon Grech demonstrates the easy stenciling technique with Birch Forest stencil
Designer Kim Myles creates a stunning stenciled accent pillow with metallic paint and Kuba stencil
Designer Kim Myles teaches how to make a wall hanging using African Kuba stencil
Our Vintage paisley stencil looks fabulous on these blue walls!
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