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How to Stencil Like a Pro: Expert Stenciling Instructions

These stenciling instructions and techniques have been developed by professional decorative artists Janna Makaeva and Greg Swisher with 20+ years of painting and stenciling experience. We are happy to share our stencil expertise and knowledge, as we want your stencil project to be a complete success! Stencils can be used for many DIY decorating projects: accent wall stenciling, floor tile stenciling and furniture painting. You can even create your own custom stenciled textiles. Please follow these illustrated instructions and watch our stencil videos.

Basic One Color Stenciling

Place and level your stencil
Simply roll on your color of choice
Remove your stencil
Enjoy your creation!

Multi Color Stenciling

Use a small stencil brush for the smaller openings
Use a larger brush for larger openings
After you have stenciled all the openings, remove the stencil
Multi Color Stenciling adds interest and dimension to your artwork

Allover Wall Stenciling

Position, level and roll!
Remove your stencil
The stencil easily aligns with itself, just continue to build your pattern
Wow! Looks just like wallpaper!

Floor Tile Stenciling

Position your tile stencil on a floor or old tile (primed and painted)
Roll on your stencil paint (latex, chalk paint or acrylics)
Remove your stencil
Beautiful, durable and easy!

Furniture Stenciling

Paint your furniture a desired color, then layout your design
Fill in using different stencils
Stencil with a foam roller or stencil brush with acrylic or chalk paint
From Trash to Trendy!

Fabric Stenciling

Layout your design and get rolling! Use fabric paint or acrylics
Remove your stencil to reveal the stencil pattern
Align the stencil for the next repeat
Breakfast is served :)