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Cutting Edge Stencils produces some of the most beautiful and unique decorative stencils for today’s DIY-er. Janna Makaeva and Greg Swisher, long-time professional decorative artists, founded the company in 2008. Prior to that they ran the New York area's leading decorative painting company, Spec Fin (Specialty Finishes). During that time they completed hundreds of high profile decorating projects in collaboration with the area’s leading interior designers.

And in 2008 it all shifted to DIY! So, we decided to use our wealth of painting and stenciling experience to empower and inspire the new DIY-ers. And Cutting Edge Stencils was born! We started by offering a small collection of our professional stencils. We also shared free stencil videos full of professional tips and tricks, and DIY-ers loved it! We showed that anyone can stencil and decorate their home with our easy-to-use stencils and expert tips. People who never stenciled before started to send us beautiful pics of their stenciled projects, and we were amazed!

Soon our popularity among the DIY community soared. We’ve been featured on TV, in major design magazines and on 1000s of DIY blogs. We’ve created hundreds of beautiful, user friendly stencils and innovative stenciling tools such as our patented Clip On Stencil Level. Cutting Edge Stencils has become one of the largest and most popular stencil companies with a huge following. Today we continue teaching, inspiring and empowering the ever growing DIY community.

The Inspiration Behind Cutting Edge Stencils

Meet The Team

  • Meet The Team


    CEO and Co-founder Creative Director, Visionary,
    "Stencil Queen"



    CEO and Co-founder Creative Director, Video Producer,
    "Old Painter"



    Shop Manager / Technical Genius

  • ALEX


    The friendliest customer service in town



    Multimedia Communications Associate, aka. "Stencil Guru"



    Social Media Queen / Marketing Manager



    Shipping Master

our stencil shop & creative studio

  • our stencil shop
  • our stencil shop
  • our stencil shop
  • our stencil shop

Our Core Values: What We Believe In

Our Core Values: What We Believe In


Cutting Edge Stencils is committed to reducing and recycling all possible waste. This is in keeping with our attitude of using our stencils to up cycle and repurpose furniture instead of filling a landfill. Our commitment is evident by our efforts to deliver specific plastic waste to specific recyclers outside of our state. We have a complete in-house recycling program which we continue to refine.


Doing Good and Helping Others

Doing Good and Helping Others Cutting Edge Stencils cares. So we donate stencils, stenciling materials and make contributions to various charitable organizations such as Emanuel Cancer Foundation, Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo, Mahwah Environmental Volunteer Organization, Amazon Watch, Food And Water Watch, AnimalKind and our local schools. To us, giving back is not optional. It’s a mandatory practice for a sustainable community.Learn more >>

Doing Good and Helping

Inspiring Creativity and Sustainability

"Let no curbside furniture go unstenciled!" Cutting Edge Stencils was formed as an extension of Janna and Greg’s personal creativity. Both understand the benefits of expressing yourself, in art, music and lifestyle. Stencils are a tool that helps us to up-cycle and re-use things, thus helping to minimize our impact on the planet. Stencils also help us to create gifts and future family heirlooms and to embellish our homes in a way that brings us to a happier place. For more inspiration, browse our Gallery >>

Inspiring Creativity and Sustainability



What A Difference!

This stenciled backsplash has made a huge difference in our kitchen. I've been wanting to do something different in here, and needed it to be budget friendly, so this was a perfect option. I love how it turned out! — Cortney from The Collected Home Journal

Huge savings

Huge savings!

No tile was ripped out. With just the power of painting and a stencil this was done. I am so happy with the result. All the material for less than $150. — Tatiane K.

Love my walls

Love my walls

I used the large Peacock Feathers. It was easy and so much cheaper than the metallic wallpaper. Love these stencils! — Debra K.

What A Difference

Repurposed table

" I had this old British pub table and the base was beyond saving. I couldn't bare to toss the top and I was inspired by your stencils. This pic is my out door dining area ( we live in Hawaii ) I have purchased several of your stencils and love all of them! — Tracy S., a creative stencil fan

What A Difference

Ugly to Beautiful

I'm not ready to renovate my guest bathroom just yet, So i decided to revamp the space by stenciling the ugly vinyl tiles. It turned out great. — Kay Ohara"

What A Difference

Love your stencils!

Just completed our spare bedroom. This is the second stencil I've used from Cutting Edge Stencils. I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you for an excellent product. — Cassandra W.


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