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Ceiling Stencils

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Ceiling Stencils offer a simple way to add class and elegance to a plain ceiling. Most people overlook their ceilings while focusing on wall painting only. "Just paint it white" and forget about it. But why, if you can add so much character to your room by stenciling the ceiling too! We call the ceilings "a fifth wall" and always give them a decorative treatment that they deserve. Lately, statement ceilings became incredibly popular in the home decorating world. We recommend painting your ceilings 2-3 shades lighter than your walls (do not just use plain white), and then adding some decorative stencil elements such as stenciled Medallion or Mandala Stencil around your light fixture. You'll be looking up and smiling every time you enter that room! Allover stencil patterns also work on ceilings, but understand that this is a more involved project that takes more effort than just stenciling a mandala or medallion around a light fixture. Allover stencil pattern project will require lots of spray adhesive and extra tape, as gravity will be working against you. We have a large collection of Ceiling stencils for you to choose from. Please watch our How To Stencil Videos to learn a simple stenciling technique.

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