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  • Can you say porch goals? Staci OLeary stenciled her cement front porch using our Marlen Tile stencil. Have a dirty porch or patio that needs some revamping? This project is for you! #CuttingEdgeStencils

  • Such an elegant bedroom transformation by @chic_interiors_by_shante! The fur accents give it a royal feel and the wall stencil give it sophistication! Would you sleep in this bedroom? #CuttingEdgeStencils

  • Baby fever!

  • "What do you think of this allover wallpaper look for a bedroom? @WarlinePainting created a beautiful stenciled feature wall with the Peacock Feathers Stencil from @cuttingedgestencils and our Metallic Paints. Scroll to see the pattern straight on" [email protected] #CuttingEdgeStencils

  • Hello beautiful

  • Can you say "amazing" !? That's what we say about this feature wall by @ourfigtreecottage

  • Can't get enough of this nursery designed by @nicolepaul89

  • Cactus walls are all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest! Create your own Instagrammable wall with our Prickly Pear stencil! How gorgeous is this backdrop?! Not only is it super easy and inexpensive, but perfect for a new profile pic

  • Just WOW! This tropical theme is still a trend all over Pinterest!

  • Our customer @lowapawsons "did a thang" to her bathroom and we are happy she did! Love our Dalmatian Spots stencil for any type of feature wall! Add some spunk to your space #CuttingEdgeStencils

  • Happy its FRIDAY! This August heat has us reassured that Summer is here to stay for a while. Swipe to see how @matteetglossy keeps her home tropical all year round

  • "My second stencil project thanks to @cuttingedgestencils for the AWESOME tile stencils. This project took a drab grey concrete patio to this. I used @behrpaint porch and patio ultra white for the base and washed khaki for the stencil. I can wait to decorate...stay tuned!" [email protected]_in_the_bay #CuttingEdgeStencils

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