Flying Birds Stencils, 3 pc kit

Flying Birds Stencils, 3 pc kit
Flying Birds Stencils, 3 pc kit
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Free Stencil! Single overlay stencil designs.
Birds have appr. 5-6" wing span.
You get 3 different stencil designs in this bird stencil kit.
Bird stencils for easy DIY decor. Perfect stencils for bedroom walls, nurseries, kids rooms and baths, these bird stencils are so easy to use. They look great "flying" on walls and ceilings, but also are small enough to be used for craft projects ( pillows, bags, boxes, t-shirts etc.) Try stenciling them in various colors for your kids room, or flying in the painted clouded sky on your ceiling, or try to achieve a sophisticated shimmering effects with metallic paints. Perfect for murals and trompe l'oeil!

Since these are reusable sturdy stencils, and not one-time use vinyl wall decals, you can reuse them many, many times and create your own cool paint color combos!
If you love the look of trendy vinyl wall decals but dislike the idea of putting stickers on your walls, these silhouette stencils are just what you've been looking for. Not only are they re-usable, but they give you the flexibility of using any color you want. You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you've created your own hand-painted wall art instead of just applying a sticker.
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