Cutting Edge Stencils offers the best stencils for DIY decorators at great prices! Our reusable wall stencils are easy to work with and even beginners get great results! Stencils are very cost effective and are in many ways better than wallpaper or vinyl decals. Embellishing your walls and furniture with stencil patterns has become a huge decorating trend and many DIY-ers are discovering the ease and fun of stenciling. Anyone can create gorgeous accent walls with stencils quite inexpensively! It's easier and faster than you think. Stenciling is not just for walls, but also for floors, ceilings, furniture, fabrics, and rugs! With so many stencil designs to choose from, we'd love to see you inspired and tackle any DIY decorating project.

Featured Stencils

Our wall stencils are designed by professional decorative artists Greg Swisher and Janna Makaeva who have over 20 years of painting and decorating experience. We love to share our passion for stenciling and decorating with you and hope to inspire you to beautify your own home! Creating beautiful rooms with simple wall stencils is easier and faster than you think, and even beginners get great results.  

Stenciling technique is easy and does not require an artistic ability. In fact, pretty much anyone can stencil!  Just take a look at these Illustrated Roller Stenciling Tips and see how easy it is. You can also quickly learn basic stenciling technique by watching our Stenciling Videos We are confident that once you try this amazing simple decorative technique, you'll fall in love with it and hopefully will be using our elegant stencil designs to beautify walls and ceilings in your home.Our stencil designs are perfect for DIY decor. It's amazing how much money you can save with stencils! Wallpaper can be frightfully expensive, and also hard to install and later remove. Stencils offer so many DIY creative opportunities: they work great not just for walls, but for floors, fabric and furniture too! You can easily up-cycle a dated garage-sale furniture into a stunning modern piece that will add so much to your space using our Furniture stencils. And a pair of inexpensive plain curtains can be quickly transformed into beautiful chic patterned fabric with stencils and textile acrylic paint. A wall mural can be easily created with our beautiful mural stencil kits. Lamp shades, accent pillows, rugs, and even hand-made cards - all of these DIY projects are stencil-worthy!

All of our stencils are designed and manufactured in USA. We design and cut all of our stencils in-house. This eliminates any middlemen and allows us to offer the highest quality stencils at the lowest possible prices. Cutting Edge Stencils team consists of friendly and dedicated professionals who love working together in a positive, supportive, low stress environment that we cultivate as a company. We are known for our great customer service!

We want your stenciling project to be a total success and we are here to assist you and answer all of your stenciling questions.

Our stenciling blog, Stencil Stories, is a wealth of information for the beginner and advanced stenciler! Lots of How To Stencil tutorials, step-by-step DIY Home Decor ideas, stenciling tips and tricks and amazing before and after transformations. Fresh Room ideas posted daily!

Visit our Gallery to see completed stenciling projects done by us and by our customers, many of whom had never stenciled before! Plenty of stencil ideas there!

And please join our Creative Community on Facebook! We have attracted 85,000 crafty and talented fans who share their stencil ideas and project pictures daily!

All of our wall stencils
are made from a sturdy 12 mil clear plastic material, custom made for our company. A superior stencil material than the industry standard of 8 or 10 mil frosted Mylar, in our opinion. It's sturdy but also flexible, and so easy to work with. Unlike rigid Mylar, our material is much better when it comes to handling edges and corners. As many painting professionals noticed, our stencil material is much easier to handle and to achieve great results. Our stencils are reusable, durable and sturdy, user friendly, and easy to clean. In our many years of professional stenciling this material has become our material of choice.  We are sure that you'll notice the difference the first time you use our stencils.
It's great for both professional faux finishers and DIY decor enthusiasts.

Our wall stencils are large stencils! Any decorating pro will tell you how important the size of your stencil is. Stenciling a large room with a small wall pattern stencil can become tedious and frustrating. With our large wall pattern stencils the job gets done so much faster and final result is so beautiful and satisfying! We even include free top stencils with our wall patter designs so you can easily finish the top edges of your walls.

We personally inspect each stencil to make sure it's perfect and ready to use. We include detailed illustrated stenciling instructions and a complimentary stencil with every order.

Our professional decorative company, Specfin Designs, has been a leader in faux finishes and decorative painting for over 20 years in NYC/NJ Metropolitan area.  We have hundreds of original hand drawn designs that we have turned into well-engineered sturdy stencils that are easy and fun to use. For over20 years we painted, faux finished, plastered and stenciled in hundreds of upscale homes in the New York metropolitan area as well as other states around the country. So when we say "We know decorative painting and stenciling" we really mean it  :)
You can see many beautiful examples of our work by visiting
You are welcome to browse our extensive portfolio to see exiting wall decor ideas for your home.

We are proud to have 100% positive feedback from our customers, both pros and first time DIY decorators. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we would love it if you would share your finished project pictures and comments with us.


"I just wanted to take a moment and compliment you on your AWESOME stencils. I have been a finisher for 14 years now and have worked with just about all the big companies stencils. Your stencils are by far more superior to all of them. The designs are fantastic, the material cleans easier, less bridge breakage, folds into corners easier, singles and toppers have been a god send and prices are reasonable. I cannot thank you enough for creating such a great product. Keep up the good work." 
- Heidi Fox - Heidi Fox Studio"

"Just wanted to write and tell you what a hit your stencil is in our baby's nursery. Everyone insists I must have had a professional design firm do the room! Your directions were spot on, the application was a piece of cake, and the end results are marvelous. I'm now looking for excuses to stencil more rooms! Many thanks for such a great quality product and service to go along with it."
- Amy, Houston, Texas

"I just wanted to send you a note and say how much I LOVED your product!! I was scared because I have never used a stencil before and they all came out perfectly, even my husband was impressed.  I just placed an order for a second one to use in my living room, so excited! Thank you again!" 
- Megan, Dallas, Texas"

"Love love love my stencil! I already used it and my kitchen looks beautiful! I may be addicted to stenciling now!"
 - Stephanie, NJ

"This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Totally saved my neon green studio floor. Thanks so much. Great quality, Great service and very well packaged. Even I found it easy to use."  - Anna, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Super fabulous!! Very thick stencil, it will last forever. I'm really impressed....some of the best DIY instructions (color with pictures!) I've ever seen. I know how to stencil, though am sure first timers would be thrilled with such comprehensive help. Wonderful!"
- Sayra, Idaho

"I was really worried about messing this up on my wall, but I followed the instructions and it came out PERFECT!"
- Jessica, Ypsilanti, MI

"I just want no NEED to tell you that your site and your stencils are amazing. When I was Googling yesterday; I was bombarded with tacky stencils. I can't wait to learn this amazing technique and be creative. THANK YOU!"
- Angela

"Excellent customer service! Delivered with generous free gift and I can't say enough about the quality of product offered. I will visit this site again and again and I encourage others to do the same."
- Terri, GA

"Wow - thanks for such fast shipping and a wonderful product - with bonus stencils!! love all the extra useful info that was included in the shipment. wish more businesses were like you!"
-  Linda S.

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