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How To Use Wall Painting Stencils on Ceilings

Painting a Ceiling using Cutting Edge Stencils

Cutting Edge Stencils has many options of painting stencil designs that look FABULOUS on ceilings, the most obvious ones being our Ceiling Medallions! Our customers have proven, though, that aside from our Ceiling MedallionsCutting Edge Stencils‘ Geometric and Allover Stencils create quite stunning DIY designs on that “fifth wall” in your room!

Using Cutting Edge Stencils on the Ceiling

Technique and Supplies
Painting a ceiling with wall painting stencils is very similar to using stencils on walls, so don’t be intimidated! Here’s what you’ll need to DIY: a sturdy ladder,spray adhesive, painters tape, a dense foam roller, paint, and your stencil pattern!

Coat your wall stencil with a thin layer of spray adhesive and let it air out for a few seconds before securing it in position on your ceiling. To ensure the stencil pattern doesn’t slip, surround the edges with painters tape. Make sure to roll off excess paint from your dense foam roller onto a paper towel before painting, because gravity will not be on your side! (Basically these are the same instructions for stenciling a wall!)

A Few Bonus Tips

  • 1. Be careful! Using a ladder can be a bit difficult! Have someone hold the bottom of your ladder to ensure your safety!
  • 2. Give yourself time and be patient! Stenciling a ceiling requires some arm and neck strength, so take breaks in between stenciling new portions of the ceiling!
  • 3. Make sure your design is straight! The Geometric/Allover stencils have registration marks so that the pattern lines up easily!

If you wish to stencil your ceiling:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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