Here are some words and pictures from our customers!

stencils stencil moroccan-stencil-wall acacia stencil stencil Anna, Nova Scotia, Canada Kelly R., New York, NY Danielle T., Lafayette, lA stencil Natalie C. stencils stencils damask-stencil stencils Gabi S., Ramsey NJ stencil damask-stencil stencil stencil Amy, Houston, Texas Lindsay B., Buffalo Grove, Illinois Kim Delaney Stephanie C., Newport News, VA Marci C., Dayton, KY stenciled-table Vea F., Emeryville, CA Misty, Lebanon, IN Keri H., Denver, CO Jennifer T., Montpelier, Vermont Kay H. Morris, IL Pamela S., Chesapeake, VA Cecilia M. Woodbridge, VA Nikki W., Blaine, WA Megan, Dallas, Texas Alexandra B., Washington, DC Lauren M., Point Roberts, WA Shannon D., LaPlace, LA Sarah C., Knoxville, TN Erin F., New York, NY Natalie J., Redwood City, CA Cordelia O., Collegeville, PA Eric S., Eau Claire, WI Kathryn R., Philadelphia, PA Heather T., Garden Grove, CA Amelia Z., Lancaster, PA Tonya H. April R. Amanda M. Earth City nursery-stencil-butterfly acanthus-stencil stencil dandelion stencil stenciled-bedroom-tree moroccan-stencils stencil damask-stencil stenciled-furniture anna-stencil-curtains harlequin-stencil damask-stencil stencil stencil-birch-forest branches-stencils stencils closet-door-stencils stencils Birchforest-allover-stencil-pattern Zamira-allover-stencil-pattern Polka-Dot-stencil-pattern-decor Nagoya-allover-DIY-wall-decor Nadya-damask-stencil-pattern Nadya-damask-stencil-wall-decor Anna-damask-stencil-decor
I love my stencil!  I think it looks great and it was very easy to use! -- Jordan P.
Thanks for the inspiration! it turned out awesome!!! -- Steph C.
I love the Marrekesh Trellis..I added crystals that catch the light every so often as well! It really made the room pop! -- Traci C.
We used the acacia 
stencil in a small pass-through area in our kitchen. We are very pleased
 with the results. -- Suzy P.
Our DIY dining table is almost done.  The 
stencil was the easiest part!  I've gone stencil crazy and purchased two
 more.  One for decorating the matching Banquette for this table, and 
another for the wall of my sewing room. -- Liz L.
This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Totally saved my neon green studio floor. Thanks so much. Great quality, Great service and very well packaged. Even I found it easy to use. --Anna, Nova Scotia, Canada
Fabulous stencil! I didn't read the instructions that said this 
particular stencil is for more experienced stencilists (is that a word?)
 because I was too excited, but with a little patience, my wall turned 
out GREAT! I LOVE it! Highly recommended! Thank you! -- Kelly R., New York, NY<br>
Thank you! The stencil was really easy to use and turned out great! -- Danielle T., Lafayette, lA
We used the Harlequin All Over Trellis in our 
Dining Room. Love the result! Totally worth the effort!  -- Amanda H.
Love your stencils, this is what the final product looks like.  Good for home decor and backdrops! -- Natalie C.
My Anna Damask allover stencil and some Halloween decorations. -- Nancy C.
Hi Greg and Janna, I used the all over birch 
stencil for the wall vignette on a recent CityLine TV show - looked 
fantastic!!!!  The audience LOVED it!  here's a photo! -- Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore Paint
We used the Damask Stencil Verde in our recent redesign project! The results were amazing!!! -- Jessica F.
I used your Zagora Allover stencil (horizontal)
 with a translucent iridescent glaze... Not an easy choice of paint 
(especially for my 1st stenciling project), but I am very please with 
the outcome and my friends all think I'm amazing! Thanks for a great 
product and all the inspiration too! -- Carolynn P.
Love this stencil! -- Gabi S., Ramsey NJ<br>
Finally finished my craft room! the stenciled wall (casablanca allover) is the best part, don't ya think?! -- Karen C.
Finished the wall in the new nursery! We have 
to look at it every time we walk by the room. I used the Gabrielle 
Damask. First time using a stencil so it took some time getting a 
technique down but I am thrilled with the result. -- Travis B.
This is a photo of my home office wall.  I used the zagora stencil. -- Sabrina N.
My new stencil wall using Cutting Edge Stencils! This is just a sneak peek, hoping to finish my bedroom soon! -- Ange, The Blooming Hydrangea /www.thebloominghydrangea.com/
Just wanted to write and tell you what a hit your stencil is in our baby's nursery.  Everyone insists I must have had a professional design firm do the room!  Your directions were spot on, the application was a piece of cake, and the end results are marvelous. I'm now looking for excuses to stencil more rooms! Many thanks for such a great quality product and service to go along with it. --Amy, Houston, Texas
This stencil is super amazing! I attached a photo...thanks so much, again! -- Lindsay B., Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Thank you for this beautiful stencil!! Worked out perfectly! -- Kim D.
I used the stencils to decorate my baby's nursery. It looks stunning! 
The stencils were easy to use and I had no problems following the 
instructions. Quick delivery. Thank you.<br>-- Stephanie C., Newport News, VA
Love it! -- Marci C., Dayton, KY<br>
I repurposed this sewing machine table by 
removing the insides, making a bottom shelf for storage and it's now a 
great side or end table....with a cute stencilled top of course! -- In De-Stress Mode, Phoenix, AZ
Awesome stencil... I used colors similar to what was shown in the example. Perfect for the space :) --Vea F., Emeryville, CA <br>
I bought the Anna damask stencil. Absolutely beautiful stencil, very well made and durable, lasted throughout my entire project and I did 3 large walls. I am not a professional painter or designer by any means, and I must say my walls turned out looking professionally done. If you are willing to study up on the videos online and the instructions they send, and put in the time and patience, I highly recommend this product if you are after a 'rich' look on a DIY budget. Well worth the money and I am very impressed. I can't wait to hang pictures! Thanks for a great product. Will definitely buy from again in the future. - Misty, Lebanon, IN
Exactly as described and the instructions were great! --Keri H., Denver, CO
That's one of several bookshelves I painted for my bakery. I just popped the back off of the bookshelf, primed and painted it and let it dry overnight. To stencil, I laid the panel down on a table then stencilled following exactly the instructions that came with my stencil. I did some stenciling on one of the walls in the shop as well and it came out great every time. Love the stencils! -- Jennifer T., Montpelier, Vermont
Don't be afraid of this project! It goes FAST with a roller, and there 
are instructions for said-same with your stencil. We're thrilled with 
the results! --Kay H. Morris, IL
I absolutely LOVE this stencil! It's high quality, comes with great instructions how to clean and maintain it. They also have a lot of great add ons to make the job easier, like roller brushes, easy to use level, and border stencils! Absolutely love how the stencil worked on my curtains. -- Pamela S., Chesapeake, VA. <br>To see full tutorial: www.pbjstories.com
Love the stencil, painted with martha stewart metallic paint...my bulldog stuart loves it as well :) -- Cecilia M. Woodbridge, VA
I love my Marrakech stencil! I'm very satisfied with the results of my 
first wall, and I will be using the same stencil in different paint 
colors in another room. -- Nikki W., Blaine, WA<br>
I just wanted to send you a note and say how much I LOVED your product!! I was scared because I have never used a stencil before and they all came out perfectly, even my husband was impressed. I just placed an order for a second one to use in my living room, so excited! Thank you again! --Megan, Dallas, Texas
Great stencil! Really fun and rewarding and I've gotten lots of compliments. --Alexandra B., Washington, DC
I used a glossy paint in the same colour as my eggshell wall. Looks great and I've had lots of compliments. -- Lauren M., Point Roberts, WA<br>
This was so easy and so much fun with a great outcome. -- Shannon D., LaPlace, LA<br>
My guest bedroom looks awesome! -- Sarah C., Knoxville, TN <br>
Loved the stencil it was so easy and gives my tiny kitchen big 
personality. I will be purchasing more stencils because now I think I'm 
obsessed! Thanks, -- Erin F., New York, NY <br>
Quick shipping. Great stencil. Love my results. My dining room looks great. Thank you. --Natalie J., Redwood City, CA
The birch stencil was great! It's easy to use - the registration was 
convenient, and it will clearly last for a lot of projects. I used the 
bird stencils to scatter birds in the trees (while hiding some coat 
hooks painted the same color as the birds), and they look great too! I 
wish I could attach more than one picture! Thanks! -- Cordelia O., Collegeville, PA
Love it! Very fast shipping too. -- Eric S., Eau Claire, WI<br>
So lovely! thanks so much for the speedy shipping. super pretty! --Kathryn R., Philadelphia, PA
Absolutely fantastic! Easy to use and perfect for decoration. Took only 
20 minutes for each color I used (about 3 trees each time). Shipping was
 speedy too! Will definitely be a return customer the next time I am 
redecorating. -- Heather T., Garden Grove, CA<br>
I love my newly stenciled living room wall! Thanks so much! -- Amelia Z., Lancaster, PA
Used Casablanca on the accent wall in my foyer!
 Love it! Used a silver base and matched the stencil color to the rest 
of the walls! Subtle and gorgeous! -- Tonya H.
Stencil was so easy to use. I used a silver glaze over wall color. Love the results. --April R.
Just wanted to share a pic of my completed 
stenciling project.  Now I just need to finish decorating!  I loved your
 stencil!  It was much easier and went faster than I expected!  This was
 my first project... Hmmm what will I stencil next?!?! -- Amanda M. Earth City, MO
So glad I found Cutting Edge Stencils!  This is
 how I've been spending the last few days - a first timer & it was 
sooo easy!  This might possibly be my new favorite room in our house! :)
  Lucky baby girl! -- Marlene S.
Started to do our stencil this evening in our new photo studio lobby.  I love the looks of your products. -- Matt H.
Just finished stenciling my living room wall. I
 used low contrast colors with a flat base and satin stencil - I LOVE 
it!! I'm going to go stare at my wall now :) -- Sabrina S.
Just finished the bedroom and some artwork I'd 
started over the holidays! Thank you Cutting Edge Stencils! So fun and I
 love the outcomes!-- Sheli C.
I love your stencils!  Here's what I did in one of my guestrooms. -- Loretta C.
Thank You Cutting Edge Stencils!!!! -- Aamanee H.
The master bathroom...  I love how it turned out! -- Donna T.
Love my wall! A great stencil and larded a lot in the process. Most people think this is wallpaper. -- Katrina R.
I love your stencils and I thought I would share something I did with one that I bought from you. -- Rusty Pearls, Alen, TX
I made 6 curtain panels with the Anna Damask Allover Stencil, and LOVE the outcome!! -- Rebecca B. <br>/Full tutorial: www.gardenberger.blogspot.com/
Just got your stencil in late last week and did
 this accent wall in my Foyer.  Custom tinted Lusterstone base, Martha 
Stewart metallic paint for the stencil and glued on gems.  LOVE it!  
Thanks for the great stencil! -- Gale M.
Our girls room just complete by my wife.  Looks Awesome! -- Chris D.
This is my daughter's nursery using the Rabat 
Allover Stencil.  We left the edges bare to create a more refined look. 
 It created such a unique room! -- Amanda P.
Finally getting some pictures up of a bathroom project I did last summer.  I still love love love it! Thank you :) -- Andrea P.
Hope y'all can see this one (I'm not a great 
photographer, obviously). This is what I get to gaze upon while soaking 
in my claw foot tub... -- Rebekah K.
We finished our stenciled wall today in just a couple hours. we LOVE how easy it was, and the finished product. -- Anzana W.
Tree branches from Livia's Garden collection and the garden birds....a super combination! I wasn't quite sure how it would work over raised
 panel doors, but it came out fine. I just extended the design with an artists brush!  I have another order for closet doors but smooth ones this time. -- Margo C.
I love the Damasque! -- Gwen W.
Thanks so much! It was easier to do than I expected and it came out just like I had hoped! So much better than expensive wallpaper : )<br>Tara,<br>Dea + Bean Invitations and Paper Goods<br>Bogota, NJ <br>
LOVE this thing! my wall looks awesome! Thanks for the fast shipping! Emily W., St Louis, MO
This is Fantastic. I absolutely love it. It was easy to use and looks amazing. Christina  J., Little Ferry, NJ
Great quality! Came with very detailed instructions that were very helpful!  Brittany G., Tukwila, WA
Fantastic high quality Etsy shop! These stencils are beautiful, clean-up great over and over with no cracking or splitting. Awesome
Stencil was easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow. My picture does not do it justice. Kandy C. Chicago, IL
Very beautiful stencil, love the tutorial videos.  Rebecca F., Susanville, CA
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