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Octopus Wall Art Stencil

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Octopus Wall Art Stencil

From $12.95

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From $12.95



Free Stencil
Single overlay stencil.
Offered in 3 sizes.
SMALL: Sheet size: 12.5"x10.6"
Design measures 9.5"x6.6"
MEDIUM: Sheet size: 17.3"x14"
Design measures 14.3"x10"
LARGE: Sheet size: 27.2"x20.8"
Design measures 24.2"x16.9"


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This Octopus Stencil is an amazing artwork designed by Tatyana Kiselyova, a talented visionary artist and stencil designer. Stencil a perfect wall art accent with this beautiful and mysterious sea creature. Our nautical stencils make decorating easy and fun. An Octopus decal can be as tricky to install as Octopus wallpaper, and you're limited in your color choices. But with stencils, you have unlimited color options! Plus, just in case you mess up, just paint over the mistake and then re-stencil it! Try doing that with wallpaper or a decal. We offer this Octopus stencil in various sizes, so you can choose a perfect size for your decorating project. Great for furniture stenciling, and also for creating your own unique Octopus pattern on an accent wall in nautical-inspired room or baby's nursery.

Since it's a reusable sturdy stencil, and not a vinyl wall decal, you can reuse it many, many times and create your own cool paint color combos! If you love the look of trendy vinyl wall decals but dislike the idea of putting stickers on your walls, our large wall art stencils are just what you've been looking for. Not only are they re-usable, but they give you the flexibility of using any color you want. You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you've created your own hand-painted wall art instead of just applying a sticker.
Try this Octopus stencil in popular watercolor look! it's easy and fun with large stencil brushes and some acrylic paint. Use either dry-brush stenciling technique, or add some glazing medium to your paint to achieve translucency.

Want to learn the easiest stenciling technique? Here are the detailed illustrated Roller Stenciling Tips.

Need some stencil inspiration or looking for room ideas? Check our our Stencil Stories Blog it's packed with expert stenciling advice for DIY decor, illustrated step-by-step tutorials, room ideas and style advice and color inspiration.

Decorating in Beach style? Check out our entire Beach Decor Stencil Collection for more ideas for that breezy, beach house vibe you're trying to bring to your room!

We find that it is not necessary to use spray adhesive with most of our stencils. However, this Octopus stencil has some thin details so please use it with spray adhesive for best results (Elmer's repositional spray glue is our favorite). 

The stencil is made out of durable 12 mil clear plastic stencil material. This material is strong but flexible, reusable and easy to clean. We love it so much more than standard 5-8 mil Mylar! It's not brittle, user friendly and just so easy to work with. In our many years of professional stenciling this material has proven to be far superior than any other stencil material we used. Our customers love it too, and we are sure that you'll notice the difference! Our stencils will last a long time and are a pleasure to use.

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  • If you compare our stencil thickness, size, design quality and prices, you will be amazed at the value that Cutting Edge Stencils offers!
  • Our stencils are expertly designed by decorative painting professionals, so when you're buying a stencil from Cutting Edge it's backed by our 20+ years of painting and decorating experience.
  • Our Sturdy and Reusable stencils can be used again and again. One stencil can produce many images unlike one-time use vinyl decals. Our sturdy clear 12 mil stencil material is user-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Stencils are super economical! Stenciling is more cost effective than wallpaper, decals or faux finishes. Stencils work on walls, even lightly textured ones, also on floors, ceilings, furniture and fabric You are not limited with your color choices. Choose any paint color you want to perfectly match your decor Stencils will never damage your walls. No peeling, no glue residue, no worries.
  • Unlike decals or wallpaper, stenciling is easy to touch-up, adjust or re-do. With most decals you only get one chance to install it right. With wallpaper, the splitting seams and messy removal together with high cost makes it a less attractive option.
  • We ship our stencils fast using USPS Priority Mail.
  • Our stencil collection is large and constantly growing, so you have plenty of designs to choose from.
  • We offer custom scaling of our designs up or down to accommodate your specific project.
  • Our customer service is the best and the friendliest! We are here for you to answer your questions, to help you place an order, and to solve any possible issues.