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Can you say porch goals? Staci OLeary stenciled her cement front porch using our Marlen Tile stencil. Have a dirty porch or patio that needs some revamping? This project is for you! #CuttingEdgeStencils

Such an elegant bedroom transformation by @chic_interiors_by_shante! The fur accents give it a royal feel and the wall stencil give it sophistication! Would you sleep in this bedroom? #CuttingEdgeStencils

Baby fever!

"What do you think of this allover wallpaper look for a bedroom? @WarlinePainting created a beautiful stenciled feature wall with the Peacock Feathers Stencil from @cuttingedgestencils and our Metallic Paints. Scroll to see the pattern straight on" [email protected] #CuttingEdgeStencils

Hello beautiful

Can you say "amazing" !? That's what we say about this feature wall by @ourfigtreecottage

Can't get enough of this nursery designed by @nicolepaul89

Cactus walls are all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest! Create your own Instagrammable wall with our Prickly Pear stencil! How gorgeous is this backdrop?! Not only is it super easy and inexpensive, but perfect for a new profile pic

Just WOW! This tropical theme is still a trend all over Pinterest!

Our customer @lowapawsons "did a thang" to her bathroom and we are happy she did! Love our Dalmatian Spots stencil for any type of feature wall! Add some spunk to your space #CuttingEdgeStencils

Happy its FRIDAY! This August heat has us reassured that Summer is here to stay for a while. Swipe to see how @matteetglossy keeps her home tropical all year round

"My second stencil project thanks to @cuttingedgestencils for the AWESOME tile stencils. This project took a drab grey concrete patio to this. I used @behrpaint porch and patio ultra white for the base and washed khaki for the stencil. I can wait to decorate...stay tuned!" [email protected]_in_the_bay #CuttingEdgeStencils

GET THIS ON SALE NOW! Gorgeous before and after linoleum floor makeover! Who else has linoleum floors in their home and have no idea what to do with it? Your prayers have been answered! Click the link in our bio to shop all of our tile stencil options!

"PATIENCE // originally i thought this project would be a day or two, reality is that it took 9! Luckily I learned that i need to enjoy the process as much as I love the result. But isn’t that how life is? We rush to get to the destination, yet forget the Journey is just as great!" [email protected]_ Spoken like a true DIY-er! #CuttingEdgeStencils

Bright, lively, and welcoming are words I would use to describe this room! @barb1962 stenciled the back wall using our Tea House Trellis stencil and its just amazing. How can you not wish you lived there? #CuttingEdgeStencils

"Today I wanted to share a before and after of the master bedroom, the accent wall is stenciled (not wallpaper) such an easy project and the results are awesome, stencil is from @cuttingedgestencils" [email protected] #CuttingEdgeStencils

For those with a busy household, which is EVERYONE, you can still stencil your floors and have it last for years!! Pets, babie spills, and high traffic is no match for stencils! #CuttingEdgeStencils

Is this a view or what? Wow! Nothing better than a gorgeous Prosperity Mandala painted on the deck overlooking a scenic background. Picture perfect

"Have you ever thought about painting your ugly tile? Well I did it and it turned out better than I expected!" [email protected] We are glad you did because this is amazing! Looks clean and crisp! #CuttingEdgeStencils

Still cannot get enough of this bedroom from @lovefabdecor

Have you checked out our new collection?! Absolutely drooling over this intricate design on cement floor! Who else is dying to get their hands on patterns like this?! #CuttingEdgeStencils

Yes our tile stencils can be used on concrete as well! Renovate your outdoor patio without having to empty your wallet! @relativerenovations used our Jewel tile stencil and it looks amazing! #CuttingEdgeStencils

Not sure what to do with the small space in your half bath? Brighten it up with a stencil! Create the powder room of your dreams for only the price of a stencil! @ns_interiors #CuttingEdgeStencils

"We fooled a contractor this week. He asked where we found the amazing tile on our fireplace—he was floored when I told him I had stenciled it

Our French Poem wall stencil can be used for ANY room! Master bedroom, hallway, or a nursery! @sima626 is preparing for her little one by giving this room some love! #CuttingEdgeStencils

Fri-nally the weekend!! How has some crafty DIY projects planned this weekend? Spruce up your home with a bright and bold feature wall like @smashingdiy did in her laundry room! Who is ready to try?! #CuttingEdgeStencils

We can all agree laundry day is a bit of pain! But we can also agree that this gorgeous setup would make us look forward to doing it! (Maybe

"I never thought I would see the day that this project would be complete! It’s tough stenciling a bathroom floor, I mean we use this bathroom everyday!

Never letting go of August! Who else loves summer as their favorite season? Still time to create your own adorable tote and beach blanket using our Mandala stencil patterns! Easy DIY projects for anyone to do #CuttingEdgeStencils

"Yuk to yum thanks to #cuttingedgestencils on the old concrete floor." [email protected]_etsy WOW I'm sure there are many people out there looking for something to do with their nasty concrete! STOP LOOKING! Stencils are the answer!

Paint me like one of your French girls! Or paint a stunning feature wall with our French Poem Stencil and give your room some romance!! Loving this job by @yunglee

AMAZING stenciled bathtub tile by @brittneycriswell ❤ such a simple alternative to tearing out that old tile and spending a fortune replacing it! Who has old tile that needs an upgrade?! #CuttingEdgeStencils