Ultimate Mural Stencil kit

Ultimate Mural Stencil kit
Ultimate Mural Stencil kit
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Free Stencil! Single overlay mural stencils
This awesome kit includes all 15 mural stencils with over 65 mural shapes and elements.
PLEASE NOTE:  Photos of our projects  may show  some hand painting or custom stencils not offered for sale.
Our Ultimate Mural Stencil kit contains stencils of trees, mountain ranges, foreground elements and hanging tree branches. These stencils combined with a little imagination and some hand painted accents produce an incredible looking mural in a fraction of the time. These landscape mural stencils are also great for creating beautiful stenciled Arts and Crafts frieze borders. We sell these as individual plates or as our Ultimate Mural Stencil kit.  These mural stencils were developed by our decorative painting company, www.specfindesigns.com, as a way to offer the opportunity to our customers to create beautiful landscape stenciled murals. These beautiful wall murals can be stenciled very fast and at reasonable cost using our stencils.

This kit includes all 15 stencils with over 65 mural shapes and elements. Buy the Kit and save 10% off the elements if purchased separately.

So how do you use these mural stencils? Watch our Step-by-step Mural Video to learn the entire technique! It's not difficult at all.
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