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Peacock Feather Stencil Inspiration

peacock banner stencils

Peacock Feather Trend Spottings

Don’t you just love that feathers have become a recent trend in home decor? The colors and shape of the peacock feather in particular are so beautiful I could really see myself going peacock crazy! It is no wonder that the peacock motif has been incorporated into so many amazing home decor pieces. If you can’t afford high end products, stencils are a great way to achieve these great looks on a budget. Cutting Edge Stencils recently came out with Kim Myles’ Global Glam Collection which includes a Peacock Headdress stencil as well as a Pheasant  Headdress stencil so that your feather decor desires can be satisfied. You can see from our trend spottings that there are so many ways to highlight the peacock design in your home, from pillows, rugs, fabric, furniture and of course your walls! peacock stencil DIY

More Feather Home Decor

Above are two really beautiful uses of the peacock feather for your home decor. On the left is a pillow we found on Etsy going for $65.  On the right is a really beautiful rug from Delos being sold for $849. As beautiful as both of these items are, you can achieve very similar results with a peacock stencil for $59.95 that is reusable so has value that lasts for years. If the shape of the Peacock Headdress stencil is too round, simply single out one of the feathers in the wheel and tape out the feathers on the right and left of it enough that your paint won’t get on them and there you go!

Peacock Headdress stencil

Peacock Headdress Stencil If you have a large blank wall that needs some lovin’ the Peacock Headdress stencil is a great option. It is a larger scale design and will surely bring your space that extra bit of pattern and color it needs.

peacock headdress stencil

Peacock Stencil Feature Wall

Greg and Janna used the Peacock Headdress on a feature wall in their hang out space. It really adds that needed touch of color and funky fun design. Later on you will see a video of Janna creating this gorgeous look.

peacock stencil

Stenciling is so Easy

The stenciling process is really so easy. Take your stencil, tape it to the wall, get some paint on your dense foam roller, offload any excess paint onto a paper towel and start applying your stencil color! If you are using multiple colors, simply roll around the area where the second color will be going.

peacock stencil

Using multiple stencil colors

As you can see here, Janna used a stencil brush to add the color details to the eye of the Peacock Headdress feather stencil. Check out our video tutorial on how to use stencil brushes for more information.

peacock stencil room

The Finished Stenciled Feature Wall!

Isn’t it pretty? Without the wall stencil, the room would look so empty and bland. A project like this is particularly fast and easy plus super fun!

Be sure to check out our video featuring Janna using the Peacock Headdress below:

If your creative juices are flowing and you’ve been inspired to  take on your own DIY project, this what you can do:

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Top Banner: couch/pillows via Global Views, Peacock fabric via Timeless Treasures, peacock chair  via The Diving Chair

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