Peacock Headdress Stencil by Kim Myles

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Price: $59.95
Sku: DS009
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Free Stencil! Single overlay stencil
Sheet: 36"x37",
Design: 32" in diameter
Peacock feathers have been a symbol of royalty, wealth and beauty for ages. The peacocks iridescent feathers have inspired interior decor for just as long. This beautiful Peacock Headdress Wall Stencil from the Kim Myles "Global Glam Collection" continues this tradition in high style. Use this elegant wall stencil instead of pricy designer wallpaper to bring color and sophistication to any interior. DIY decorators will love how easy this stencil is to use. Stencil the design in one color or add a second color to the eye of the feather for a more dramatic look. No matter how or where you use this stencil, you can be sure that it will make "you" feel like royalty.

Cutting Edge Stencils is so thrilled to have teamed up with Kim Myles to bring you the best in high style/low cost designer decor. As the 2007 winner of HGTV's 'Design Star', Kim Myles helmed her eponymous home makeover show 'Myles of Style' for three seasons, and continues to appear as a designer and host on shows like 'HGTV'd' and 'America's Biggest Yard Sale'.

Kim says: "I've always been attracted to feather motifs, and native peoples all across our globe have used feathers in their ceremonial dress for centuries. Peacock feathers are works of art in and of themselves, and I love seeing them 'gathered' in this elegant round."

With this wall stencil, DIY decorators can just place them by eye, creating a repeat or a random scattered effect.
Stenciling allows you to match your colors to any decor! And random placement means that you can never make a mistake. :)  Just position your stencil, and roll away. The "eye" can be stenciled in a different color using a stencil brush. It's that easy!

This designer stencil is made out of durable 12 mil clear plastic stencil material. This material is strong but flexible, reusable and easy to clean. We love it so much more than standard 5-8 mil Mylar! It's not brittle, user friendly and just so easy to work with. In our many years of professional stenciling this material has proven to be far superior than any other stencil material we used. Our customers love it too, and we are sure that you'll notice the difference! Our stencils will last a long time and are a pleasure to use.
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