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Stenciling on Glass: Successful Projects from DIYers

Glass Stenciling Projects from DIY Bloggers

Hesitant to use stencils on glass? Recently we provided our faithful readers with (what I hope was) a super helpful blog post packed full of tips and tricks to get the outcome you desire when stenciling on glass with Cutting Edge Stencils! Now that we’ve divulged our little secrets about how to get the best end results, we want to let you in on some finished glass stenciling projects,  from a few special DIY bloggers, that have made us do a double-take!

stenciled glass projects using Cutting Edge Stencils

These projects are proof positive that stenciling on glass can be a complete succes, and that there is no one way to paint! So, without further adue lets take a look at the amazing stenciled glass masterpieces that are sure to make your jaw drop and allow you to channel your best “Little Engine that Could” attitude! We KNOW you can do it!

 Zamira Allover Shower Door

Diane, the writer of In My Own Style, started out like any ordinary home owner with a boring glass shower door and a dream. To pursue this dream, Diane gathered her stenciling gear provided to her by Cutting Edge Stencils.  Along her journey, Diane coasted smoothly towards her dream of a beautiful stenciled decorative shower door because of the ease of using our stencils. She hemmed and hawed about using etching cream, but decided on white latex enamel paint, which ended up being the right path for her! Diane, made sure to avoid wrong turns by being especially preventative of seepage and drips! She used both spray adhesive and painters tape so that the dream and the stencils didn’t slip out of her grasp. Then she rolled off excess paint onto a paper towel and began to stencil without flaw! The process was a breeze, and Diane’s dream came true in less than one hour! Brava, Diane! (Did I mention I went gaga over this transformation?)

stenciled glass shower door with Zamira Stencil

Birds on a Branch Door

Holly, from the blog 504 Main had a major issue with her drab door, which was especially giving her trouble after she remodeled her kitchen. You see, the ugly door was right next to the new kitchen, bringing down the whole mood. So to take a stand against the horrid door, Holly turned to Cutting Edge Stencils! She used our Birds on a Branch to fight off the Debbie Downer door! Here’s how she won this battle: Holly cleaned the glass, and then taped it off on the edges. Then she protected the well maintained surrounding area by putting down newspaper, and decided not to unhinge the door, leaving it standing for a fair fight! The final dominating blow that crowned Holly the winner of this battle was when she used our stencil! After a little struggle with the painting, Holly pinned her opponent by pulling out the big guns! She painted the door glass with DecoArt Gloss Enamels in Antique Gold, and the battle was over! Check out the stunning results below!

glass door stenciled with Birds on a Branch Stencil

Iron Gate Mirror

When Erin, from the blog Lemon Tree Creations, wanted to add some flair to her decorative mirror, she made the right choice by turning to Cutting Edge Stencils! The stencil process was much the same as stenciling on a wall for Erin, and was a huge success! She did everything by the book, and got great results because of it! Erin might not have strayed from our stenciling rules, but her mirror definitely came out edgy! She cleaned the glass, used spray adhesive and a dense foam roller, and even rolled off excess paint onto a paper towel before touching her precious mirror! Erin applied two light coats of ivory latex paint (of course letting them dry in between), and finished her stenciled mirror in no time! Gorgeous transformation, Erin!

Decorative mirror stenciled with Iron Gate stencil

Casablanca Glass Frame

Check out this chic wall art! Cheri, from the blog DIY Club, stenciled this glass frame with our Casablanca stencil! She wanted to do something unique for daughter’s bedroom, and found a frame in a thrift store for $3! What a bargain shopper Cheri is! She discarded the photo that came with the frame and decided to beautify the glass to make it her own. To do so, Cheri used Krylon Frosted Glass Finish in White and a touch of magic! Cheri clicked her heels three times.. er.. I mean sprayed on three coats of paint, letting each dry for a half hour before adding more paint! She painted and sanded the frame to get a (damsel in) distress look! She glued the stenciled glass into the frame, and with the woosh of her wand, the project was complete! Maybe one day she’ll stencil some glass slippers too!

Glass stenciled wall art using the Casablanca Stencil

Learn more:

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  • -Read more tips and tricks about stenciling on glass here!
  • – Visit our facebook page for more inspirational DIY stencil projects!

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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  • Jeanie

    need help/advice: I stenciled some beautiful things using glass paints but I can’t get the gooey adhesive (that I sprayed onto the back of the stencils to hold them on while painting) off the glass without messing up my paint!

  • CESteam

    Hi Jeanie,

    We have several suggestions that you may want to test in a small area so that it doesn’t damage your project. Glass cleaner may help while not removing the paint. Also, an adhesive remover like Goo Gone could assist in removing the gooey adhesive. We’d recommend using a cotton swab so that you can careful maneuver it around the design. We hope this helps.

  • CESteam

    Hi Phillius,

    I am on the same boat! Cutting Edge Stencils offers so many cute and wonderful ideas! The possibilities with the stencils are endless! Thank you for commenting :)

  • redteapot

    I just stenciled my shower door after being inspired by Diane’s blog. I was wondering if I should cover the stenciling up with a coat of clear or glaze to seal it. It is a hard endurance latex enamel and I am concerned it will peel off if I wipe it. Any suggestions or comments. This is my first stencil job and it came out very nice. I love it.

  • CESteam

    Hi redteapot!

    Thank you for commenting :) We are happy that you were inspired by Diane’s blog!

    Unfortunately we are not familiar with the hard endurance latex enamel and don’t really know about it’s adhesive qualities. The same would go for a clear coat. It would probably be a good idea as long as the clear coat says it can stick to glass and glossy surfaces. Puts a layer of protection over the artwork.

    What you can do is visit your local hardware store and see if they recommend a specific brand or a clear coat that they know works on glass and glossy surfaces.

    I hope this helps! Have a lovely weekend :)

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