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How To Project: Craft Stenciling with Trellis Allover

Tips On How To Paint Stencils on Home Decor with Trellis Allover

Quite a few customers have used Cutting Edge Stencils’ Trellis Allover stencil for craft projects that we are dying to share with fellow DIYers like yourselves! Previously we’ve blogged about a gorgeous cork board and matching jewelry organizer as well as totally chic window treatments, which were all made using this awesome Geometric/Allover Stencil!

The Trellis Allover paint stencil was also used to paint a headboard, a magnetic memo board, and a decorative tray! All of these design ideas for craft projects were thought up and executed by creative DIYers! I bet you’d really love a few tips on how to paint these crafty home decor projects on your own using stencils! Well… here you go:

Stenciled Headboard

Shelli wrote an independent review of Cutting Edge StencilsTrellis Allover Stencil, which she used to stencil her bedroom headboard! She posted the stencil project on her blog, Treasured Rubbish!

Stenciling a headboard with Trellis Allover Stencil

To create this masterpiece, Shelli first got the wood piece for the headboard cut out at a hardware store. After coming to the conclusion that designed material is far too expensive to upholster with, Shelli then purchased a cheap,  plain, cream colored material to  stencil on! (Click here for tips on stenciling on fabric!) Shelli cut the fabric to fit around the wood and stuffed bed topper foam and Dacron in between the stenciled material and wood frame! She then stapled the materials to the back of the wood and hammered on a nailhead trim three inches from the edge to dazzle it up a bit! Shelli added wood board legs for the headboard to stand on its own! Definitely doable don’t you think?

Stenciled Headboard using Cutting Edge Stencils' Trellis Allover Stencil

Framed Magnetic Memo Board

Stenciled Magnetic Memo Board using Trellis Allover Stencil

Stephanie, from the blog Under The Table and Dreaming, created her own framed magnetic memo board using Cutting Edge Stencils Trellis stencil pattern! First she wrapped a piece of Unbleached Natural Osnaburg fabric around the magnet board, which she found at Ikea, and adhered it using hot glue on the back edges! The Trellis stencil design was then painted on the plain material with Americana Bleached Sand DA257-3 All Purpose Acrylic by DecoArt. Although we recommend using spray adhesive and/or painters tape, Stephanie held down the stencil with her fingers and got to painting! After the stenciled material dried, she popped the magnetic board into the pre-made frame (created with molding) that she specifically cut the this project, and VIOLA! Easy enough, right?

Decorative Tray

Such a cute Decorative DIY tray stenciled with Trellis Allover Stencil

Our friends at House of Fifty stenciled this totally trendy and useful tray with Cutting Edge Stencils Trellis paint stencil as well! Decorative DIY trays are an easy way to organize the floating objects in your living room, add a little flair to the room’s atmosphere and create a nifty little conversation piece! Easily create your own DIY stenciled tray by adhering your stencil to a tray with spray adhesive. Use very little paint on a dense foam roller or stencil brush and paint away!

Want more?:

If you decide to paint your own stencil project with Trellis Allover or any other paint stencil, send photos of your finished work to melissa@cuttingedgestencils.com! Shop for the stencil designs of your choice here now, and come back to read our daily updated blog posts for more tips and inspirational projects!

Thanks for reading!

Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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