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Renew and Restore Bedroom Walls Using Stencils

DIY Accent Walls for any Bedroom in Your Home

Happy Friday to all Cutting Edge Stencils fans and welcome back! Ready for a new DIY Design? Let’s begin with those Bedroom Walls that you have avoided painting forever. OR, maybe you are a new homeowner and looking to renew old bedroom walls. You’re in luck, we have the solution! Using a Wall Stencil and a little love, you can restore your Bedroom Walls that you are forced to look at every night! We will show you an easy DIY Design which adds an Accent Wall to your bedroom that you can do this weekend!

To start the project, let me provide you with our quick video tutorial that shows you steps for the DIY Design and then ill go over in more detail! Our lovely miracle worker, Erika is showing us how to apply the wall stencil to create this high-end looking Accent Wall! Check it out:

When painting any room, it’s important to be aware of the crown molding by the ceiling and floors. You’re first going to want to tape over the crown moldings and any other object that cannot be removed from the Bedroom Walls. I’m sure you want this to be as clean and easy as possible, right?!

For the base coat Erika used our favorite Benjamin Moore Navajo White Flat Finish! You want to do a second coat for any base to really cover any blemishes that covered the wall before! Once dried, its time to decorate! Erika decided to use our Cutting Edge Stencil Anna Damask Allover wall stencil on the bedroom walls! This Stencil creates the perfect accent wall because of its elegant brocade pattern! Amazing! Spray the stencil with any adhesive (Here we used Odif 404 Ruler Grip) and place it down! Pro Tip: Be sure to apply a thin coat of paint over the stencil because 1) it dries quicker and 2) Avoids runny paint! Once the first section was complete, Erika peeled back the design. She aligned the stencil over the previously painted marks using our built-in registration system.

As each section is completed, she is also aware of the awkward top and bottom portions of the bedroom walls. Using about half of the wall stencil, she gently painted the bottom portion by motioning downward strokes with the roller to get the stencil and its design as close to the molding as possible. She finished off the hard to reach areas using a stippling motion with a bristle brush to fill in the stencil.

And for the top portion of the bedroom wall, she did just the same but used upward strokes. Its okay of you paint over the crown molding a tad because it is covered with tape and will strip right off! Easy!

Erika repeated this process until she created this stunning DIY design that could totally pass as expensive wallpaper. Plus, you can take pride in knowing YOU created the bedroom of your dreams with such a simple and affordable Anna Damask wall stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils!

Tell us, which stencil would you like to see used as an accent wall in your bedroom? Comment below and share your thoughts! We’d love to hear from our readers!

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Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!
Karli and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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