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Stenciling Outdoors

Stenciling Outdoors

Outdoor stenciling has become very popular! Yes, you can stencil your deck, a fence, cement patio floor, or the pathway to your house. Our beautiful Mandala stencils look great stenciled on decks and patios. Allover stencil patterns create quite a statement at the entry to your home. Boring cement pathways can be stenciled in trendy herringbone bricks, and plain patio or balcony could use some Tile stencil patterns to turn it into a lovely alfresco space. We've stenciled some potting benches, rustic signs, old milk cans, and even cinderblocks planters! Get inspired by watching our Outdoor stenciling video tutorials and learn what paint and stenciling materials you’ll need for your next Outdoor stenciling DIY project. 

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