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How To Paint & Stencil With Greg

Welcome to How To Paint & Stencil with Greg Swisher! Greg is CEO and co-founder of the most popular wall stencil company in the United States, Cutting Edge Stencils! Prior to starting Cutting Edge Stencils with his partner Janna Makaeva, both long-time professional artists ran the New York area's leading decorative painting company, Spec Fin (Specialty Finishes). During that time they completed hundreds of high profile decorating projects in collaboration with the area’s leading interior designers. Now, Greg wants to share his 30 + years of painting and stenciling knowledge with DIYer’s that are eager to take their stenciling project to the next level while learning helpful tricks of the trade for other home improvement projects! People love our stencils, and it shows! Cutting Edge Stencils is consistently featured in prominent magazines and publications, as well as on TV and viral video sites. Our stencils are very popular among DIY home decorators. The projects feature stenciled accent walls, painted furniture, stenciled accent pillows and even stenciled tile floors. Whether you’re a beginner or a DIY professional on television, stencils are universally loved and so easy anyone can do it! 


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