Snowflakes 3-piece Stencil Kit

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Free Stencil! Single overlay stencils, 3pc kit
SMALL: Designs are 3", 4" and 4.8" in diameter
MEDIUM : Designs are 7.3", 9.5" and 12" in diameter
Nice Snowflake Stencils for your holiday decor! They come in a 3 pc. kit. We offer 2 sizes - small and medium. These small stencils are perfect for holiday card making! It's very easy and fun to make your own Christmas cards, and our reusable stencils will likely last you a lifetime. You can also stencil some table runners, gift wrapping paper, boxes, walls, and even windows.

Here is a nice Illustrated Card stenciling Tutorial (so easy!)

No need for spray adhesive when making holiday cards, just secure your stencil with pieces of low-tack tape so it doesn't move around while you stencil. Try experimenting with shimmering metallic paints for a very cool effect!

The medium-sized stencils are great for holiday pillows and table runners. Perfect for DIY home decor!  Yes, you can stencil your own fabric and use it for curtains, tablecloths, pillows, and what not! When stenciling on fabric, stencil adhesive is very helpful.  First, tape your ironed fabric to the surface so it doesn't move around while you stencil. Use stencil brushes, or a dense foam roller, and add some textile medium ( sold in craft stores) to your acrylic paint. You can also get a special fabric paint, but, good craft acrylics with a dollop of textile medium work just as well, and cost way less, too! :)

Textile medium is optional - it only makes the acrylic paint more flexible when it dries, which is important for wearables like t-shirts but not so much for pillows and curtains.  Complete the stenciling and let it dry fully (24 hours is best), then heat-set it by ironing the fabric for approximately 20 sec. on a LOW setting through the piece of cloth. Heat-setting will cure the paint and will prevent it from being washed off in the washing machine. Always experiment with a sample of your fabric first to ensure good results. I've stenciled on silk, cotton, linen and even sheer fabrics with great results. It's always better if your fabric doesn't have too much texture.

You'll need some stencil brushes and/or a dense foam roller for your stenciling project.

All of our stencils are made of thick, sturdy but flexible 12 mil clear plastic, reusable, easy to clean and stenciler-friendly! In our 20+ years of professional stenciling, this material has proven to be far superior than any other material we have used, including the industry standard 8 mil Mylar.

We are sure you'll notice the difference and will love working with it, just like all the folks who already have bought our stencils.

Our stencils are made to last and with proper care and storage will serve you for a long time.
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