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Stenciling Placemats: Decorating Ideas for Kitchen Decor!

DIY stencil decorating ideas for kitchen decor

DIY Stencil Decor Must!

We have so many decorating ideas you can create with stencils and here is yet another; stenciled placemats! Can’t afford fancy designer kitchen decor? We have the perfect stencil solution! Follow the easy steps below to get high end kitchen decor on a DIY budget, plus have fun doing this creative stenciling project; it is a serious DIY must!

Stencil supplies for DIY kitchen decor

Stenciling Supplies

Here is what you will need:

DIY stenciled placemats for home decor

Prepping Your Mat For Stenciling

Take your blue painters tape and create a border for your stencil by taping the outside edge of your mat.

Craft stencil placemat DIY project

Place Your Stencil

Remove your Missing Link Craft Stencil from the packaging, add a few pieces of tape to the edges and line up the stencil design with the bottom edge of the blue tape border you just created.

DIY stencil brush stenciling kitchen decor

Using a Stencil Brush

Once your stencil is in place, take your stencil brush, load it with paint (make sure to only get paint from the edge of your dollop so as not to overload your brush) then offload on a paper towel using a circular motion. To see more on how to use a stencil brush, be sure to check out our how to use a stencil brush tutorial.

DIY stenciled placemat with stencil brush

Begin To Stencil

Now that your stencil brush has been properly offloaded, it is time to stencil! You can really start anywhere but here we started on an edge, that way you can check your  work easily before getting too far into it. Start out using a “dabbing motion” to avoid seepage and once you feel more confident with your stroke, you can continue in a circular motion to speed up the process.

Craft stencil DIY home decor project

Always Check Your Work

Before removing your stencil completely from its position, be sure to carefully lift up a corner of a stencil to check that the paint was applied evenly. If you are not happy with the opacity of your stencil work, lay the stencil back down and continue. If you are satisfied, place your stencil back and move on to the next step.

DIY home decorating ideas with stencils

Stencil Allignment

Line your stencil using parts of the design you just stenciled as your registration, tape it down, and continue to stencil. Once you have filled in the bulk of the mat, fill in the edges using the same methods of lining up the stencil with the finished pattern.

Stenciled placemats DIY home decor project

Creating A Border

It always looks best when there is some kind of frame around the stenciled pattern. To achieve this look take your tape and line it up with the inside of the tape already there. Then lift up the tape on the outer edge and tape it back but leaving about half an inch of space from the tape you just put down.

Stenciled DIY placemats for kitchen decor

Stencil, 1, 2, 3, 4!

Once you get the hang of it, you can really knock these stenciled placemats out! Aren’t they just spectacular? There are endless options, when it comes to picking the color of your mat and your Benjamin Moore paint color, not to mention, choosing your favorite craft stencil.

DIY craft stencils for home decor decorating ideas

Bon Appetit!

Compliment your beautiful DIY stenciled placemats with some bright and funky plate and voila! These revamped placemats are so much fun to create and really add so much style to your kitchen decor.

For an even better look at this awesome DIY project, check out our fun video tutorial below!

What to do now? It’s easy:

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