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Sew Sweet: Stenciled Sewing Tables

Use Cutting Edge Stencils To Spruce Up Your Old Sewing Table

Good morning my stencil savvy crafters!  Not too long ago, Cutting Edge Stencils posted some ubber creative craft spaces using our stencils.  Those craft spaces sure were inspiring.  So that got us thinkin’! What goes hand in hand better than a needle and a bobbin?  If we have you thinking about your old sewing table then you’ve guessed right!  If you’re dreaming of a craft space makeover then why not start with your sewing cabinet.  It has been there for you through all those late night craft projects and now it’s screamin’ for a makeover!  And we’re here to help inspire the pampering it needs.  Just think a little bit of paint and a fun stencil design can really go a long way…

Paint and Stencil an old sewing table to give it new life! The Harmony Damask Stencil and the Polka Dot Stencil were used on these gorgeous examples! www.cuttingedgestencils.com

I want you meet Melody, the crafty home decor enthusiast behind the blog My Passion For Decor.  Melody had been thrift store shopping when she came across an ugly duckling of a sewing cabinet.  She snapped it up on a whim and stored it in her garage for just the right moment.  That moment sure enough came while surfing around on Pinterest.  Um, who doesn’t love that idea generating visual search engine!  Melody had a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in turquoise (it’s actually a mix of Provence and Florence) and our Polka Dot Stencil.  The combination of the two she knew would be perfect for this sewing table overhaul.  She painted the cabinet in the turquoise and then stenciled the polka dots in Annie Sloan Cream.  Melody says, “The Cutting Edge Stencil worked great and was super easy to use.”  The sewing table is definitely not an ugly ducking anymore, I’d say it’s more of a beautiful swan!

Use the polka dot stencil to upcyle an old sewing table into a end table! www.cuttingedgestencils.com

Next I want to introduce Gail, the upcycling queen and one of the bloggers behind My Repurposed Life.  She had found a lovely little sewing table at a local Goodwill store for about $10.  She quickly decided that she could breathe new life into this old table.  So she primed it and spray painted it black. The fresh coat paint made it look like new but it was on the plain side. So Gail said, “I used my Harmony Damask stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil to give the top some pizzazz.”  The creamy white damask design gives this old table some new designer oomph! Then Gail sanded the piece of furniture for that distressed vintage look.  Adorable! We love how she transformed this sewing table, don’t you?!

Use the Harmony Damask Stencil to upcycle an old sewing table and give it designer appeal! www.cuttingedgestencils.com

The slightly funny part about this is that neither of these sewing tables ended up being used as sewing tables once they were stenciled.  So whether you decide to keep your stenciled beaut as an actual sewing table or let it shine as a cocktail table at your next event, the possibilities are endless!

Tell Us: What garage sale/thrift store finds are you storing in house right now?  Have you ever thought about stenciling them?  Leave us a comment below!

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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