Ultimate Faux Fresco Stencil Kit

Ultimate Faux Fresco Stencil Kit
Ultimate Faux Fresco Stencil Kit
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Price: $299.95
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Free Stencil! This kit includes includes 13 fresco stencil plates with over 50 unique shapes and elements. Please see the black and white picture to see what's included.
Cutting Edge Stencils now offers the ultimate Faux Fresco mural stencils. These stencils were inspired by the famous Livia's Garden Fresco Murals of ancient Rome and developed by our decorative painting company, www.specfindesigns.com. Our designs include a series of large trees, hanging branches, wild flowers, ferns and ground covers, various small branches and assorted fruits. These fresco mural stencils combined with a little imagination and some hand painted accents can produce an incredible looking Faux Fresco Mural in a fraction of the time. Faux Fresco stencils can also be used to produce individual fresco art panels and fresco friezes.

The Ultimate Faux Fresco Stencil kit includes 13 stencils with over 50 unique shapes and elements. Buy the Kit and save 10% off the price of the stencils if purchased separately. You get all the elements necessary to create the perfect fresco. All stencils are single overlay, except Bird stencils, which are 3-overlay designs.

Kit includes one of each: Citrus Leaves, Fruit Assortment, Ground cover Plants, Woodland Plants, Wildflowers, Little Leaflets, Bird cage, Chickadee, Bullfinches, Swallowtail, Lemon Tree Branch, Pear Tree Branch, Large Citrus Tree

We also offer other various fresco mural stencils which be can purchased separately to further enhance your Fresco Collection!

So how do you use these stencils? Watch our Step-by-step Fresco Mural Video to learn the entire technique!

PLEASE NOTE: Our photographs of finished projects may show some additional hand painted brush strokes. We always add some hand painting to our stenciled projects to enhance the finished look. 

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