Bon Appetit! Large Wall Stencil

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Free Stencil! This large stencil is a Single overlay design.
Very easy to use.
Sheet size: 24"x40"
Design measures 19"x38"
Finally a cool flatware stencil for the Dining room or Kitchen! Our "Bon Appetit!" wall stencil is oversized for a dramatic statement, yet refined with it's high level of detail. This is some very classy silverware!

This reusable large stencil makes a stunning accent on pretty much any wall space that needs some interest. Trendy and hip, these bold refreshingly modern wall art stencils will instantly bring color and pattern to an otherwise boring wall.

This stencil is so easy to use, virtually anyone can do it. Simply tape it to the wall using BLUE painter's tape, then load your foam roller with the paint of your choice (latex or acrylic). Get rid of excess paint by rolling the foam roller over a folded paper towel. Then, just roll it over the stencil applying medium pressure for an instant fabulous result! Don't press on the roller too hard otherwise you might get some bleed under the stencil. Transform your room in less than 1 hour!

Want to learn the easiest stenciling technique?
Here are the detailed illustrated Roller Stenciling Tips.

You can stencil with acrylic or latex paint, stencil creams, or fabric paint.  Use a dense foam roller or stencil brush.  We recommend using stencil spray adhesive when working with large stencils, however it is not necessary. We just use painter's blue tape.

The stencil is made out of durable 12 mil clear plastic stencil material. This material is strong but flexible, reusable and easy to clean. We love it so much more than standard 5-8 mil Mylar! It's not brittle, user friendly and just so easy to work with. In our many years of professional stenciling this material has proven to be far superior than any other stencil material we used. Our customers love it too, and we are sure that you'll notice the difference! Our stencils will last a long time and are a pleasure to use.
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