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Using Top Edge stencil for Damask/Allover stencils

Now that we finished the main walls with our damask stencil, it’s time to fill those gaps in the pattern at the ceiling line. We often use a special top part stencil designed just for that. You can fill those gaps with your large stencil too, but it’s kind of cumbersome, you have to bring the stencil all the way up and it tends to flop down on top of you.  No big deal, but it is definitely much easier if you use a separate smaller top part stencil. Professionals prefer to use it too, often we would even sacrifice the large stencil and cut it into smaller parts to fill these gaps.

It’s as simple as aligning the top edge stencil, using parts of the design, taping it in place,

And rolling it just like we did before with a large stencil. Roll it right into the crease.

damask stencil

Remove the Top edge stencil… The edge looks nice! And I didn’t even use a stencil brush, just the roller. Note that the freshly stenciled image is lighter than the previously stenciled damask. It’s because all water-based paints dry a bit darker.

damask stencil

Continue stenciling along the ceiling line…

damask stencil

Until all gaps are filled!

damask stencil

damask stencil


I will dedicate a special detailed tutorial for corners when  you wrap entire room in damask, so stay tuned!



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  • kstotts

    How about a ceiling at an angle? Any tutorial for using the top stencil on a ceiling that is angled?

  • GabiStryker

    Thank you for commenting. We do not have a tutorial for angled ceilings but we will add it to the list and try to get to it as soon as possible : ) Thanks for the tip!

    ~Cutting Edge Stencils

  • Margie Vasquez

    Hi…..1st time at this ….I have an angled accent wall &looking for ideas or suggestions on how to stencil it & look even…

  • CESteam

    Hi Margie,

    We unfortunately, do not have a video on that yet! :/ But if you send us a picture of your wall and the stencil you are interested in using for your project we will be more than happy to see what tips we can give you according to your specific project! please send the image to customerservice@cuttingedgestencils.com

  • Margie Vasquez

    Thank you for your reply. I will email u the picture now.

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