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Stenciling Shades of Gray: Decorative Painting Idea

Painting Idea: Stenciling your Decorative Walls with Gray Paint

Don't be afraid of using gray when painting with Cutting Edge Stencils!

Usually, I’d say gray is such a gloomy Gus color, but when it comes to home decorating, this shadowy tone can be perfectly pleasant if applied the correct way! Cutting Edge Stencils has gathered a few gray stenciled rooms for your viewing to exemplify the “good” in gray! So, don’t think rainy days or unwanted gray hairs; think subtly, soft glamor and elegant sophistication! Gray just might be the key element to redecorating your home the right way, well, aside from STENCILS!

“I think a lot of people are scared of gray, because they’re worried that it’s dark, morbid, or depressing,” says San Francisco designer Grant K. Gibson. “But that’s not true. In a room with the right accessories it can be moody and dramatic.”

We absolutely agree with this designer, and so we searched a little to find out how to keep gray from being drab! Our friends over at Real Simple provided us with this awesomely helpful tip on how to use gray in a way that will make all your guests ask, “What are your home decorating secrets!?” Our favorite secret; layer on the lighting! Since gray, in its nature, is a shadowy color, adding floor and table lamps to the decor will help build the amount of brightness in the room so that your pretty gray doesn’t drag you down. HGTV is a lover of tone-on-tone grays! They say this palette helps turn your home into a soothing refuge.

Here are a few ways our customers have used gray tones to stencil different rooms in their homes!

Painting your powder room with CEStencils Moroccan Dream and gray paint!

A Pumpkin and A Princess designed this powder room with our Moroccan Dream Stencil! The color builds a fresh and clean feeling while the design helps the room blossom with dimension and poise! To get this look in your home, consider using the following Benjamin Moore paint colors: Full Moon 2119-70 background color, Chantilly Lace 0C-65 stencil color.

Sophisticated gray bedroom stenciled with CEStencils' Zamira pattern

Natalie, from the blog Johnny in a Dress, used gray alongside our Zamira Stencil pattern to paint her master bedroom! This space is super chic because of the combination of tone-on-tone gray and our Moroccan Stencil! Bright accents are also a great way to add flavor to gray walls! For a similar look, use Benjamin Moore’s White Water 2120-60 wall color, and Silver Spring 2120-50 stencil color!

Stencil a nursery with gray paint for a pretty, soft design

Our amazing customer, Andrea, stenciled this beautiful nursery for her baby boy with our Birch Forest Stencil! We love how she incorporated the gray tones with bright photo frames, bedding, and accessories. Although she chose a deeper gray, the bold accent colors give the room vitality! For a similar look, use Benjamin Moore’s Whale Gray 0c-64 as the stencil color and Pure White 0c-64 as your wall color.

Stencil your feature wall with CEStencils' Rabat Allover in gray!

Jamie, creator of the blog Crafty Scrappy Happy, stenciled her feature wall with our Rabat Stencil! Those sweet gray hues are a perfect way to display subtle design in the transition areas of your home. She even used a table lamp to play up the lighting like we mentioned earlier! The pale green end table is also a warm, inviting touch! Like those colors? Use Benjamin Moore’s Silver 1/2 Dollar 2121-40 for the wall color and Iced Cube Silver 2121-50 for the stencil color!

For more color info:

  • Check out Benjamin Moore’s blog, Color Chats to read about color trends!
  • Read our Stencil Stories’ Color & Trend section for more details on how to use color with stencils!
  • Purchase our stencils and send us photos of your gray rooms!

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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