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Stenciling Floors

Stenciling Floors

Tile Stencils are all the rage in today's DIY decorating! Our Tile stencils are a perfect money-saving alternative to the popular but pricey cement tiles. With Tile stencils, you are able to stencil over your old dated tile, cement, and even ugly linoleum! Don’t put yourself through the hassle of ripping out old tiles and extensive home renovation deadlines. Our Tile stencil video tutorials are only minutes long and will teach you the simple stenciling process step by step. Each Tile stencil tutorial is detailed and packed with “Pro-Tips” to make sure your stenciled floor is a complete success. We provide information about the type of paint and stencil supplies needed to perfectly execute your DIY stenciling project. Already a Pro at stenciling floors? Our tile stencil videos can also be used as inspiration for your next indoor or outdoor faux tile project.

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