What type of paint should I use?

Most latex and acrylic paints work great. Benjamin Moore Aura paint is nice and opaque and covers great but tends to build up on the stencil which may require you to clean your stencil more often. Another Benjamin Moore paint called "Ben" seem to have ideal qualities for stenciling and we really like it and recommend it.

Regular latex house paint and craft acrylic paints like FolkArt (found at Michaels craft stores in small 8oz bottles) work great too! It's our second favorite. Acrylic paints in general are ideal for smaller craft projects or if you are doing a Wall Art stencil that involves multiple colors and shading. You can also use metallic paints, glazes, varnish, and textured paints and plaster for your stencil projects. 

We do not recommend using spray paint because it's hard to control and get a good results, but some people use it with great success. Some spray paints might cause crazing of the stencil, so make sure to test your paint on a small stencil that we include for free. 

Oil paint is not suitable for stenciling due to very slow drying time. You can use oil-based paint cremes sold in craft stores.

Using glitter is not recommended with stencils. it's hard to control and you might get lots of bleeding and smudging.

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