Prickly Pear Allover Stencil

Opuntia cactus stencil cactus wallpaper nursery
Opuntia cactus stencil cactus wallpaper nursery
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Free Stencil! Single overlay stencil

Sheet: 24.4" x 35.8", Design: 21.4" x 31.8"
Top Edge stencil is included for FREE!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave
Check out this awesome Prickly Pear Cactus wall stencil! Southwestern decor was never easier to achieve thanks to this trendy stencil pattern. Cactus decor is very trendy and stenciling is a great way to get that look. Cactus wallpaper can be a real drag to install. Stenciling is so easy when you know how and to learn, check out our informative “How to Stencil” videos!. You'll find them extremely helpful for your stenciling project.

This cactus stencil is one of 100’s of amazing stencils we offer to help you realize your decorating dreams! For a soft “watercolor” look, try adding subtle sponging or shading with a large stenciling brush.

This stencil pattern comes with an additional FREE Top Edge stencil: the upper part of the design cut as a smaller separate stencil. It makes it easy to fill the gaps close to the ceiling line after your main pattern is stenciled.

Want to learn how to use an interlocking allover stencil pattern? Easier than you think! Here are the detailed illustrated step-by-step Damask/Allover Stenciling Tips.

Stenciling on rough or textured walls may contribute to increased paint bleed. For more information on stenciling on textured walls, see our F.A.Q. section.

Most of our stencils do not require the use of spray adhesive, however this crisp wall pattern can definitely benefit from it.  If you want to minimize paint seepage or are using high contrasting colors, spray adhesive is very helpful (Elmer's spray adhesive seems to be the best).  Make sure you shake the can well and lightly mist (not drench) the stencil, and let it dry for a moment before positioning it on the wall. This step will prevent the adhesive residue transferring to the wall. You'll need to re-mist the stencil after a few repeats. Note: you will still need to hold the stencil in place with a few pieces of blue painters tape! Adhesive by itself is not enough to hold the stencil on the wall. Clean-up tip: Spray the stencil with Simple Green to help to remove adhesive residue.

Our Blog "Stencil Stories" is packed full of illustrated tutorials and inspiration! Please check it out to get some stencil ideas and learn new stenciling techniques! We post new decorating ideas daily!

Try this stencil with our new Clip-on Stencil Level, (sold separately) and discover how easy it is to achieve perfectly level results without dealing with all those bulky heavy bubble levels and annoying laser levels. We cannot recommend the Level enough, it's a real time-saver and is so handy!

The stencil is made out of durable 12 mil clear plastic stencil material. This material is strong but flexible, reusable and easy to clean. We love it so much more than standard 5-8 mil Mylar! It's not brittle, user friendly and just so easy to work with. In our many years of professional stenciling this material has proven to be far superior in quality to any other stencil material we used. Our customers love it too, and we are sure that you'll notice the difference! Our stencils will last a long time and are a pleasure to use.

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