How to Stencil Videos

Cutting Edge Stencils is proud to introduce our series of "How To Stencil" videos. We've condensed our 25 years of painting and stenciling experience into these short, step by step tutorials that are easy to follow and packed with expert tips and tricks. Your successful stencil project is our #1 goal, so please watch, enjoy and create your own stenciled masterpiece!

Happy Stenciling, Janna & Greg
Wall Quote Love Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils

In this short video Greg Swisher from Cutting Edge Stencils shows you how easy it is to DIY your home using stencils. This tutorial shows you how to stencil with a stencil brush and how to connect the stencil bridges. DIY stencil projects are the perfect way to save money on your decor.

Pro Tip for Stenciling with Dark Colors with Cutting Edge Stencils

In this short video Greg Swisher from Cutting Edge Stencils gives a time saving pro tip on drying dark colors while stenciling. Save time and money on DIY home decor with Cutting Edge Stencils!

Embellishing Your DIY Accent Pillow by Paint-A-Pillow

This video shows you how to embellish your DIY designer pillow project with tassels, rhinestones and more! Stenciling a beautiful accent pillow with your Paint-A-Pillow stencil kit is only the beginning. Add tassels to your toss pillow without sewing using our unique Hook Latch Tool! Adding rhinestone and decorative studs to your pillow gives your pillow project that personalized touch. And don't forget decorative floral accents to create that special pillow like no other. DIY accent pillows are so fun to make! What are you waiting for?

DIY Designer Accent Pillows Made Easy!

Janna from Paint-A-Pillow shows you just how fun and easy it is to create your own designer accent pillows! Our unique pillow stenciling kit allows you to customize your throw pillows with pattern, color and accessories. Paint-A-Pillow is great for giving your home a facelift, a craft party with the girls, crafting with the kids or for making holiday gifts!

Host a DIY Pillow or Tote Making Party
Hosting a DIY Pillow and Tote Party is a great way to get together with friends for an unforgettable night of creativity. Just visit and order your 6 Pack Party Kit today. Cutting Edge Stencils and Paint A Pillow have thought of everything. From their patented frame and stencil system that requires no tape, to the 100's of Cutting Edge Stencil designs. It's never been easier to produce amazing DIY designer toss pillows or tote bags! Don't forget to order tassels and rhinestones to truly personalize your masterpiece.
Chinoiserie Wallpaper Look With Stencils
Chinoiserie! Classic. Beautiful. And now, affordable. Cutting Edge Stencils has designed one of the most stunning Chinoiserie stencil patterns you'll ever see. Chinoiserie style is timeless. And now anyone can have it in their home! Chinoiserie decor. There is nothing else like it!
Toile Wallpaper Hack Made Easy With Stencils!
So you want the look of expensive Toile Wallpaper but it's not in the budget? Toile decor is easily with our Toile Stencil Patterns! Wall stenciling is so easy with Cutting Edge Stencils. We have beautiful stencils for almost every taste. Want to learn how to stencil? Watch our "How to Stencil" videos and start transforming your home today!
Serenity Wall Stencil Project! DIY Wallpaper Hack
Want the look of expensive wallpaper without the hassle of installation? Then take a look at how easy it is to transform any space using our amazing wall stencils. Stenciling is easy, and saves you money! Our selection of wall stencils has something for everyone. You can also create wall art using our stencils!
Moroccan Style using a Marrakech Wall Stencil
Moroccan style is so popular. Installing Moroccan wallpaper can be difficult and expensive. So what to do? Easy. Just go to Cutting Edge Stencils and select your favorite Moroccan wall stencil and let the transformation begin! You can even create Moroccan wall art using our stencils. Stencils help you to achieve the Moroccan wall decor of your dreams!
Arrow Stencil on Reclaimed Wood! Stenciling on Wood
Want to create amazing stencil art? Try stenciling Arrows on Reclaimed wood. Our Arrow stencil kit is a great way to create beautiful pallet art. This quick and easy DIY project is so fun, and look at the results! Stenciling on wood is so easy using a stencil brush. So let your creativity run wild with Cutting Edge Stencils!
Hibiscus Flower Stencil! Perfect for Tropical Decor
Our Hibiscus Flower Stencil is perfect if you are looking to bring some tropical bliss into your life! Hibiscus wallpaper can be difficult to install and very expensive. So if you are looking for Hibiscus wall art or Hibiscus wall decor, look no further. Cutting Edge Stencils Hibiscus Stencil is your answer.
Flamingo Wallpaper Hack Using a Flamingo Stencil!
Love the look of Flamingo wallpaper but don't want to deal with the hassle of installing it? Then our Flamingo Stencil is the way to go. Flamingo decor is so popular with the latest tropical craze. Flamingo wall art is easily achieved using our stencil and stenciling techniques.So if you are looking for a Flamingo design to liven up your interior decor, make sure to check out our Flamingo wall stencil.
Feather Stenciling On Reclaimed Wood! Pallet Art Project
In this video you'll see just how easy it is to create amazing stencil art using reclaimed wood. Pallet wood projects are a great way to save money while decorating your home and our Cutting Edge Stencils Feathers Stencil Kit is the perfect choice. Stenciling on wood is so easy. Using a stencil brush allowed us to quickly apply our chalk paint. Stenciling and DIY decorating go hand in hand and gives you bragging rights at the end of the day!
Tropical Wallpaper Hack Using Stencils!
In this video, stencil expert Greg Swisher demonstrates just how easy it is to knock off expensive tropical wallpaper using Cutting Edge Stencils Tropical Dreams wall stencil. Foam mini rollers and stencil brushes make quick work of this 4 color stenciling project. Tropical trends are oh so popular right now. And there is no easier way then stenciling to get that look! Want that Tropical wallpaper look without the cost? Try stencils.
Om Mandala
Check out this great Om Mandala Stencil pattern From Cutting Edge Stencils! Stencils are so much better than wallpaper. And this Om Mandala Symbol will look great in almost any room. Stenciling on walls is easy and very cost effective. So grab this Om Stencil and start expressing your inner self :)
How to Stencil on Wood Using a Flower Of Life Stencil Pattern
Here is a short video on using our Flower Of Life stencil pattern. What a fantastic way to customize a piece of furniture. Stenciling on wood is easy! In this video we used Plaster Paint, a brand of Chalk Paint and it worked great. Check out all of our furniture stencils and start expressing yourself today!
Dalmatian Spots Stencil Pattern For Your Walls
In this video, Greg Swisher from Cutting Edge Stencils shows just how easy it is to stencil a Dalmatian Spots pattern on your walls. Our self aligning stencil pattern is so easy to use that anyone can do it. Stenciling is a great way to get the look of expensive wallpaper without having to spend a fortune. Visit us at Cutting Edge Stencils to see all of our amazing stencils and start creating your dream interior today!
Hamsa Hand Tattoo For Your Walls With a Stencil
In this video we upcycle an old "Paint Night" canvas using our Cutting Edge Stencils Hamsa Hand Stencil. Making your own artwork is so easy with stencils. We used a little spray adhesive and craft paint to create this awesome Hamsa Hand wall canvas. Check out our other stencils and start creating stunning home decor today!
Mirror Makeover with Indian Inlay Stencil From Cutting Edge Stencils
Create an amazing faux Indian Inlay mirror with the help of Cutting Edge Stencils! Its easy to transform a garage sale find into a treasure when you use Cutting Edge Stencils Indian Inlay Stencil kit. In this stencil tutorial, we show you how simple and affordable this DIY makeover can be.
DIY Halloween Treat Bag Candy Bag Candy Tote Bag!
Making your own DIY Halloween Treat Bag is so easy with our Paint-A-Pillow/Tote kits. What a fun family project. Select your stencil pattern and let the creativity begin! Personalize your treat bag with tassels and rhinestones and even markers. Our patented system allows you to stencil your tote (or pillows) without the need for tape. And the stencils and the painting frames are reusable so you can create many different candy bags. Just order extra pillows or totes.
Palm Fronds, Palm Leaves Wallpaper Hack. Tropical Decor Made Easy
Want the look of expensive designer tropical wallpaper without the expensive part? Our Palm Frond Stencil makes it so easy. Palm Fronds and Tropical Leaves are so popular in todays decor. Palm Leaves Wallpaper is seen in all the trendy magazines. And now, you can DIY yourself into that awesome tropical look. Don't forget to check out our other stencil videos that help you to get the designer decor you've always wanted!
Pineapple Wallpaper Hack! Using a Pineapple Stencil!
Our Pineapple Stencil is a great way to get that tropical look without having to buy and install Pineapple wallpaper. Installing tropical wallpaper is difficult and expensive but stenciling is easy! We've seen Pineapple decor in all the popular magazines, and now you can have this amazing tropical look in your home.
Prosperity Mandala Stencil! Mandala Wall Tattoo
Our Prosperity Mandala Stencil is rich in DIY style. Opulence, Luxury and the Good Life are what this mandala stencil represents. And you can totally see it in this beautiful stencil pattern with its finely detailed motifs. Mandala decals don’t allow you to use multiple colors. Our large mandala stencils can be custom stenciled to match your decor. So grab this amazing stencil pattern and a stencil brush and bring some Prosperity into your home today!
Holiday Decor Made Easy with Christmas Tree Stencils!
Holiday decorating is easy with stencils! Use our Fancy Christmas Tree Stencils to create a stunning holiday craft project. These Christmas stencils are also a great way to make beautiful Christmas gifts. You can also make your own holiday wrapping paper using stencils and craft paper. There are so many ways to stencil your way into the holidays with Cutting Edge Stencils.
How To Stencil A Deck Or Floor Using A Mandala Stencil!
Stenciling your deck is so easy with our Prosperity Mandala Stencil! We have designed this Mandala Stencil to spin using a push pin for perfect stencil alignment every time. Use this Mandala Stencil on decks, floors, ceilings or even tables! You can stencil with a brush but a perfectly loaded stencil roller works great too. This stenciling project was so fast and easy, and it looks great! Check out our other "How to Stencil" videos for information and inspiration.
How To Stencil Bread With Culinary Stencils!
In this short video, Janna Makaeva from Cutting Edge Stencils shows that stencils aren't only for walls! This sour dough bread is delicious and now, it looks amazing too! Culinary stencils can add an artistic touch to so many different foods. Our stencils are food safe so you can let your culinary stenciling creativity run wild! And if you mess up, you can always eat the evidence :)
Easy Furniture Stencil Project! Flower Stencil On Garden Stool
Turning curbside trash into a garden treasure is easy with our Summer Blossom flower stencil! We took this broken down stool and stenciled it with LOVE. Stenciling on wood is easy when you know how. And using spray adhesive for stenciling furniture is a great trick. You can get all kinds of stenciling ideas by watching our "How to Stencil" videos.
Teepee Nursery Project Using a Tipi Stencil!
Want to create an amazing Teepee nursery? Our Teepee Allover Stencil is just what you've been looking for. Teepee decor is so popular and it's so easy to get when you use our new Tipi wall stencil. And check out how easy it is to align this stencil. You can also use this stencil to create a Tipi pattern on canvas!
How To Use Culinary Stencils On Crackers
Watch Janna Makaeva, owner of Cutting Edge Stencils stencil her homemade crackers! Culinary stencils are easy to use and brings a new level of creativity to the kitchen! Cake stencils, bread stencils, cookie stencils and now cracker stencils! Our culinary stencils are great for cake decorating too.

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