Houndstooth Letter Stencils

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Free Stencil! Small: 8" tall letter design (varied width)
Medium: 12" tall letter design (varied width)
Large: 18" tall letter design (varied width)
Houndstooth stencil letters: Cutting Edge Stencils is introducing our patterned Letter Stencils! Now you can write on walls in your favorite trendy stencil pattern! Our Wall letter stencils and alphabets are perfect for babies’ names on a nursery wall, or for monograms and simple messages like Love, Home and Family.  They are sold by the letter (not by entire alphabet) and are offered in 3 sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your decorating project. Our stencil letters are easy to use: you can paint them with a dense foam roller or a stencil brush, using regular house paint or craft acrylics. Please watch our how-to stencil video where Greg demonstrates how to paint these letters.

You can have so much fun with these: try stenciling letters in various colors, mix and match the patterns in one word, or add a butterfly or a bird for more whimsy.

These alphabet stencils can be used not only on walls, but they work great for monogram pillows, especially for the kids’ room or a nursery. They can also be used to embellish furniture and as wall art pieces. You can even create a fun alphabet rug with these stencil letters, or create one-of-a-kind stenciled letter curtains! The letter stencils are reusable and will last a long time with proper care.

If you're stenciling these letters on a wall and want them perfectly leveled, we recommend using our light-weight Clip-on Stencil Level, (sold separately) and discover how easy it is to achieve perfectly level results without dealing with all those bulky heavy bubble levels. The level clips right on to the stencil and stays there while you paint, giving you the perfect level result.

Usually it is not necessary to use spray adhesive with our stencils. We simply tape them to the wall using pieces of blue painters tape. But if you want to minimize paint seepage, are working on a lightly textured wall or are using high contrasting colors, adhesive is very helpful (Elmer's spray adhesive seems to be the best).  Make sure you shake the can well and lightly mist (not drench) the stencil, and let it dry for a moment before positioning it on the wall. This step will prevent the adhesive residue from transferring to the wall. You'll need to re-mist the stencil after a few repeats.  Clean-up tip: Spray the stencil with Simple Green to help to remove adhesive residue.
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