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Zebra Stripe Stencil Patterns and Home Decor

Trend Spotting with Cutting Edge Stencils: Zebra Print

Zebra Stripes are all the rage in home decorating! This wild animal’s majestic looking coat is definitely one to consider when thinking of new room design ideas for your house and home! AND Cutting Edge Stencils is at the forefront of this animal print bandwagon! Our Zebra Stripe Allover Stencil is one of our newest stencil designs, and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on it!

Zebra Home Decor

Zebra print is so dramatic and bold, that you’ll be sure to make a statement with zebra stripe home decor! The gorgeous lamps pictured above can be found at Lamps Plus for $99.99, the center rug can be bought at WayFair for $60, and you can get the totally trendy chair at Overstock for $113.99. BUT, we want to remind you that this animal print home decor doesn’t have to break your bank! You can easily use Cutting Edge StencilsZebra Stencil to create your own DIY home decor accessories! Our stencil retails at $39.95, and can be reused many times to complete ALL of the projects you see above!

Below are photos from Decoist that show how zebra stripes can be a successful living room decorating idea! These rooms keep it classy with just a hint of animalistic attitude and so much chicness!

Rooms with Zebra print home decor

Painting a Room with Zebra Stencils

Painting a home with Cutting Edge Stencils‘ zebra stencil can add sophistication and character to the look and feel of any room! This fabulous interior paint idea is super easy to accomplish and very forgiving on your wallet when you use stencils! Zebra Stripe stencils are daring and stylish as an allover wall pattern! This wall stencil provides texture and a rawness to your painted room, and best of all, you can DIY!

Cutting Edge Stencils' Zebra Stripe Allover Stencil

Don’t be afraid to stencil your walls, floor or ceiling with Cutting Edge Stencils’ zebra stripe stencil design! This stencil pattern is a burst of energy and it’s unstructured shape really ties together the interior design of a room, and gives it a polished off, finished look!

 So, embrace the trend, save your money, and be your own interior designer! Shop Cutting Edge Stencils to purchase the Zebra Stripe Stencil now! You can also check out our blog posts featuring other trends! And, don’t forget to “like” us on facebook to see others’ stencil projects!

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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