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This or That: Different Ways to Stencil

Which DIY Stencil Projects to You Prefer in your House and Home?

Cutting Edge Stencils loves to play the “this or that” game because we are literally so intrigued by your feedback. We love finding out which stencil projects you prefer and why, as well as which ones you’re dying to mimic in your home! This time we’re doing things a little differently. We wanted to show you how to use the SAME PATTERN in different ways to produce completely dissimilar, yet equally amazing looks! Then you can comment this post and tell us what you think!

Bold v. Subtle

Which do you prefer: Bold or Subtle stenciled walls?!

Depending on your personality, and the personality of your home, you will be choosing your colors accordingly. We decided to demonstrate the different effects you can get in your room by using bold v. subtle paint colors with our Zamira Allover Stencil! Both these Cutting Edge Stencils‘ customers have made quite a beautiful transformation with this Moroccan Stencil, but in completely opposite ways! The bold, blue Zamira wall (left) was stenciled by Annie, from the blog Paid Up Top. Annie even added more eye-catching flair with her yellow Chevron chair! Nneka’s subtle room photo (below) is a light gray, tone-on-tone room, capped off with a pretty chandelier and dainty mirror. It depicts elegance and gracefulness! Which one do you prefer: BOLD or SUBTLE!?

Metallic v. Flat

Which do you prefer: Metallic or Flat paint on your stenciled walls?!

Glistening metallics have proven to be quite the paint trend these days. But our question is whether or not you have fallen head over heals for this style, or if you prefer the flat look when it comes to your walls! Personally, we totally dig the shiny stuff and think it looks charming and extra chic in Erin’s photo (left). Not only did she go metallic, she went super bold, and we think it absolutely paid off! On the other hand there is Liz’s nursery in flat paint (below), of which we are honestly obsessed with! Her room is soft and sweet, making a statement in its own magical way! BTW, both these rooms were painted with our Moroccan Dream Stencil! So, what do you think? METALLIC or FLAT?

Wall Art v. Home Decor

Which do you prefer: Stenciled Wall Art or Stenciled Home decor?

Next up is an epic battle. While we know how much you enjoy your pretty painted canvases and hanging wooden artwork, we also cannot ignore your love of stenciled chairs and furniture. So we’ve pinned the two against each other! Our Zinnia Grande was stenciled on both these pieces–very different looks and very different projects! On the left is Kimbo’s (from A Girl & A Glue Gun) gorgeous little wall art piece which is a great accent to her polka dotted wall! The circular designs compliment each other out the wazoo, and wall art is always a smart, subtle way to add a movible decoration to your room! And then there’s Amy’s (from The Casablanca Transformation) stenciled leather chairs, which look oh so amazing thanks to our Zinnia. They scream individuality, and who doesn’t adore fun furniture that speaks volumes of your home decor? What are your thoughts on this toss up? WALL ART or HOME DECOR?

Ceiling v. Rug

Which do you prefer: Stenciled Ceilings or Stenciled Rugs?

Whether you’re looking up or down, stencils have got you covered! We must admit our totally apparent love affair with stenciled ceilings because let’s face it, stenciling a ceiling takes dedication and always turns our incredible! But if you’re not a fan of neck breaking work, stenciling a rug can be just what your room needs to kick up the design a few notches and tie your decor together! Stacy, from Not Just a Housewife, stenciled her incredible ceiling (left) with our Anna Damask Stencil, and holy crap are those some jaw-dropping results! We love how she kept the rest of the room simple to accentuate and not over-clutter her damask ceiling! But then again, we’re just gushing about this pretty Anna Damask rug that Amy, from The Idea Room, stenciled for her bathroom! The dainty yellow design adds just a little hint of pattern to this perfectly pulled together room! We seriously cannot decide: CEILING OR RUG?

Headboard v. Window Treatments

Which do you prefer: stenciled Headboards or stenciled Window Treatments?!

Hmmm.. what a predicament! Our customers’ headboard stunners are some of our most favorite stencil projects, but some of the stenciled window treatments we’ve seen are just as tremendous! We showed Michelle’s (from A Little Tipsy) shockingly beautiful Trellis stenciled headboard (left), on our facebook, and got so much love for the photo! An incredible headboard has it’s way of making a room look expertly styled and fashion forward! However, the stenciled Trellis window treatment (right) designed by Kristin, from Hunted Interiors, is quite a powerful transformation piece. She changed her ordinary room into an extraordinary masterpiece with this creatively crafty cornice board! We’re also quite fond of stenciled curtains! But it’s a close call! Don’t make us choose! HEADBOARDS or WINDOW TREATMENTS?

We can’t wait to hear yours thoughts! Comment below with which projects you prefer! What’s your ultimate favorite? Don’t forget to “pin” our pics on your home decorating ideas boards! And if you’re feeling real crafty, go purchase our stencils on our Cutting Edge Stencils website!

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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