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Let’s Get Crafty with Stencils

Three Amazing DIY craft stencil ideas and $75 stencil giveaway!

Three Craft Stencil Ideas from the bloggers behind the Lucky #7 Giveaway What’s stenclin’ my crafty DIY chicas! Did you enter our awesome Lucky #7 Stencil giveaway?  If you missed it yesterday then let’s just back up a minute to give you the 411.  Cutting Edge Stencils  partnered with the 7 amazing DIY craft blogs […]

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Fall into Foliage with Cutting Edge Stencils

Welcoming Fall Inside the Home with Wall Art from Cutting Edge Stencils As fall settles in on Cutting Edge Stencils, the outside foliage gives us all a comfy, cozy feeling, as well as ideas for painting. Why not bring the changing of the seasons indoors with painting effects from our Tree and Branch Stencils? These […]

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Cutting Edge Stencils: Don’t be a Bore, use Metallic Wall Decor!

Casablanca Allover Stencil

If you are looking for that extra bit of glam and style in your room, stenciling with metallic paint is a great option! Combining your Cutting Edge Stencil with metallic paint is super trendy right now and for good reason.  There are so many beautiful shades of silver, bronze and gold metallic paints available  and […]

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Stencil a Coffered Ceiling Like a Pro


Before Cutting Edge Stencils, we successfully ran the decorative finishing company SpecFin Designs (short for Specialty Finishes). For nearly 25 years, Spec Fin has specialized in high-end finishes and design in the NY/NJ area. We wanted to offer detailed murals, faux frescos and decorative ceilings to our clients but produced in a quick and efficient […]

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Damask/Allover Stenciling Tips: How to use an interlocking stencil

damask stencil

Damasks and Allover stencil patterns! So trendy, so hip, so modern… So tempting!  But can it actually be done? Especially, if one has never stenciled before? Well, it certainly can be done. It’s not even that difficult! In fact many, many of our customers who are stencil newbies did it and got unbelievably beautiful results. […]

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Simple Sponging Faux Finish Technique

sponging technique faux finish stencil

Let’s learn a Simple Sponging Technique. Why sponging? Because it is the easiest ( and least expensive) faux finish, but done right, this is one of the most sophisticated faux finishes.  Perfect project for DIY decorators! Subtle mottled finishes like these create an excelent background for stencils, especially damask stencils! The look resembles aged parchment, […]

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Stenciling with stencil brushes

wall stencil technique

Stencils are perfect for DIY decor: easy, economical and fun! You can stencil with a roller or a stencil brush.  Stenciling with stencil brushes is somewhat slower than with a roller, but you can get really artsy with them and have more control. For detailed, multicolored or shaded look it’s best to use stencil brushes. […]

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Roller stenciling tips: How to stencil with a roller

stenciling technique

Stenciling with a dense foam roller is by far the fastest stenciling technique, and also the easiest. However, there are couple things to keep in mind to make sure the results are perfect. Rule #1: do not overload your roller with paint and always blot off excess paint onto a paper towel. If you want […]

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