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Mantels, Fireplaces, and Cozy Stenciled Décor

Stenciled fireplaces, mantels, and diy cozy home decor from Cutting Edge Stencils. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/scroll-stencil-1.html

Stenciled Sparks Fly from these Fireplace and Mantel Décor Ideas Good Morning, my home décor enthusiasts!  It’s getting chilly outside so Cutting Edge Stencils would love to settle in near a charming fireplace.  Wait, is your fireplace not looking so charming these days?  No worries, my friend.  We have some ideas on how you can […]

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Stenciled Chickens! Two-Overlay Stenciling Technique for Country Decor

Today at Cutting Edge Stencils, we decided to decorate our vegetable garden with some stenciled chickens. Vegetable gardens need some decor, too! The garden has a nice arched entrance, so we thought that we would put two antique milk cans on each side and stencil them with my favorite black and white Dominique chickens. We […]

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Damask/Allover Stenciling Tips: How to use an interlocking stencil

damask stencil

Damasks and Allover stencil patterns! So trendy, so hip, so modern… So tempting!  But can it actually be done? Especially, if one has never stenciled before? Well, it certainly can be done. It’s not even that difficult! In fact many, many of our customers who are stencil newbies did it and got unbelievably beautiful results. […]

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Stenciling with stencil brushes

wall stencil technique

Stencils are perfect for DIY decor: easy, economical and fun! You can stencil with a roller or a stencil brush.  Stenciling with stencil brushes is somewhat slower than with a roller, but you can get really artsy with them and have more control. For detailed, multicolored or shaded look it’s best to use stencil brushes. […]

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