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A Ravishing Rabat Stenciled Master Bedroom

A rabat stenciled master bedroom idea that simply ravishing! http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/moroccan-stencil-pattern-3.html

A Rabat Stenciled Master Bedroom Idea That is Simply Ravishing! Welcome Back my stencil loving peeps!   I bet you’re wondering what we’re all buzzing about today at Cutting Edge Stencils!  Today’s Stencil Stories is a blast from out stenciled past.  Meet Joey and Lana, the DIY couple responsible for the blog, Making a House […]

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Don’t Be Afraid To Stencil the Brocade #1

Three amazing stencil ideas using the Brocade No.1 Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/Brocade-stencil-damask.html

Three Brocade No.1 Stencil Ideas To Transform Your Space Welcome back, my stencil savvy DIYer’s!  It never ceases to amaze me how one stencil pattern can be used so many ways.  Let’s use the gorgeous Brocade No.1 as an example since it’s such an intricate and ornate pattern with that high end designer feel.  While […]

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Would You Add a Stenciled Splash of Pink?

Fun and Funky Anemone Flower Stencil idea brightens up a plain wall

Woman’s World Might Have a Little Crush on Cutting Edge Stencils! And we’re pretty sweet on the stencil feature in the February 18th issue using the Chrysanthemum Grande Flower stencil! Check out what Woman’s World had to say about adding a touch of happy pink to a flea market find by painting a stencil design. […]

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How to Transform a Washer/Dryer with Stencils

An Unconventional Stencil Project that Works! Hello there my little DIY lovers! As the holidays quickly approach, I hope you are remaining somewhat stress free! If not, let Cutting Edge Stencils refocus you’re attention to all that’s peaceful in the world by indulging you in what we like to call a little craft yoga! Don’t worry; no […]

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Crafting with Cutting Edge Stencils

Small Stencil Projects, Big Hit Cutting Edge Stencils‘ Trellis Allover Stencil was used to create a gorgeous jewelry organizer and matching cork board for a teenage girl’s bedroom! The room decorating idea was brought to us by Pam from the blog DIY Design Fanatic! The following is a how-to tutorial on creating this adorable craft project: The […]

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DIY Bathroom Makeover Using Stencils!

Zamira Stenciled bathroom using Cutting Edge Stencils

 Renewing a Bathroom with Cutting Edge Stencils! Need some room decorating ideas to transform that rickety bathroom of yours into something glamorous? Cutting Edge Stencils to the rescue! The room ideas of DIYer, Lindsey, from the blog Better After, really came to life thanks to Cutting Edge Stencils‘ Zamira Allover Stencil! She drastically revamped her bathroom into this stenciled masterpiece and […]

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Stencil Ideas for your Home Fireplace

Stunning Marrakech Trellis stenciled fireplace

Burning Desire to Stencil your Fireplace? Let Cutting Edge Stencils help you add a spark to your fireplace! Painting the wall surrounding your fireplace with wall stencils can be the perfect addition to your home decor. Better Homes and Gardens says that for an attention grabbing look, “The mantel and surrounding wall are integral to […]

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Zinnia Grande Stencil Spruces up Home Decor

Zinnia Grande Stenciled Home Decor end table

Use Cutting Edge Stencils to Refurbish Old Furniture You can’t tell me you aren’t obsessed with the look of Cutting Edge Stencils‘ Zinnia Grande Stencil design painted on this old end table! Ann Marie, from the blog Twice Lovely, used our stencils for painting a funky antique look on this piece in order to finally make use of it. After […]

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Stenciling Kitchen Decor using the Bon Appetit Stencil

How To Stencil your Kitchen Decor WARNING: This fabulous Cutting Edge Stencils interior paint idea we are about to disclose involves large stencils, kitchen decor and a whole lot of DIY creativity! I hope you’re prepared for the awesomeness that is this kitchen decor painting idea! Patrice, from Lemon Tree Creations, followed a few easy […]

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Stencil Design Feature: Trellis Pattern Laundry Room Makeover!

Trellis Pattern Stencil Design

The Shabby Nest Blog Feature Looking to add some color and design to your home but don’t want to dish out the money for designer wallpaper? If so, you’re in a similar situation as Wendy from The Shabby Nest blog when she wanted to makeover her laundry room. “The first thing that I wanted to do […]

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