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Make A Splash With Stenciled Nautical Driftwood

Cutting Edge Stencils shares easy DIY driftwood and reclaimed wood art ideas using beach decor stencils. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/beach-decor-stencils-designs-nautical.html

Stencils Make Crafting Nautical Driftwood Decor Easy Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends!  Driftwood or reclaimed wood art is a brilliant idea because it is not only beautiful but it’s also eco-friendly. It brings a bit of history, texture, interest, and warmth to a room.  It’s also super inexpensive and quite simple to make […]

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Stenciling To Inspire!

Stencil the Home is Where the Heart Is Wall stencil on canvas to create diy wall art ! http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/home-is-wall-quote-stencil.html

Cutting Edge Stencils Shares Inspiration For Stenciling Wall Art with Phrase Stencils Happy Monday my stenciling DIY artists!  Did you enjoy the rainbow twist on the Imagine Wall Stencil video tutorial yesterday?  It was totally adorbs, right?  Here it is in case you missed it… We love the burst of color and positive vibes this […]

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How to Create Stenciled Pallet Art

Learn how to stencil pallet or wood art using stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils! http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/wall-quotes-stencils-quotes-for-walls.html

Cutting Edge Stencils Provides Simple Steps to Create Stenciled Wood Art Happy Monday my DIY artists!  So last week,  Cutting Edge Stencils posted about the budding new art trend; stenciling on reclaimed wood.  Just to refresh your memory, reclaimed wood art is basically re-using lumber that you may already have to create a decorative piece […]

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Phrase Stenciled Reclaimed Wood Art

Phrase stencil and reclaimed wood are the perfect combo to create gorgeous wall art! http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/wall-quotes-stencils-quotes-for-walls.html

Stenciling Reclaimed Wood with Phrase Stencils Is A Clever Way to Create Wall Art Happy Monday my stenciling, aspiring DIY artists!  Have you been feeling like your walls are a little bare lately?  And maybe you’re not ready to quite take the plunge and stencil the whole wall.  Cutting Edge Stencils understands your problems!  Before […]

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