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Mundane To Modern: A DIY Furniture Flip

Bedroom Dresser gets DIY Furniture Flip using Stencils Welcome back you lovely stencil pro’s! This week’s Cutting Edge Stencils DIY Furniture Flip will be useful in basically every home! You’re probably still using  a 10 year old bedroom dresser, right?! Using furniture stencils, you can take any old, boring, hand-me-down and create a modern bedroom dresser! […]

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Stenciling Kitchen Decor using the Bon Appetit Stencil

How To Stencil your Kitchen Decor WARNING: This fabulous Cutting Edge Stencils interior paint idea we are about to disclose involves large stencils, kitchen decor and a whole lot of DIY creativity! I hope you’re prepared for the awesomeness that is this kitchen decor painting idea! Patrice, from Lemon Tree Creations, followed a few easy […]

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Stencils for Ceiling Painting: The New Feature Wall

Ceilings are the new feature wall! Stencils are not limited to your vertical walls. We have seen a growing trend of people stenciling their ceilings and we love it! Would you give this bold look a try? If you are looking for some room decorating ideas, we have lots of ceiling painting projects below for inspiration. […]

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Painting Ideas with Stencils: DIY Paisley Tabletop

Stencils and paint are the perfect pair when it comes to DIY painting ideas. With the hundreds of stencil designs Cutting Edge Stencils offers and the thousands of paint colors available, the sky is the limit! Need a little bit of help to narrow down your choices? Check out these awesome Paisley Allover stenciled furniture […]

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Stencil Decorating Ideas: DIY Curtains

Stencil Drama If your home decor is in need of some stencil lovin’, DIY stenciled drapes are a great way to add some designer drama to your space. We found the DIY drapes above on Better Homes and Gardens. Get a similar look with Cutting Edge Stencils’ Damask Nadya allover stencil. For a detailed look […]

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