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Scene and Stenciled In the Blogosphere Plus Stencil Giveaways!

DIY stencil ideas for accent walls using Cutting Edge Stencils! http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/wall-stencils-stencil-designs.html #wallstencils #stencils

An Antico Stencil Idea and Chances to Win a FREE Cutting Edge Stencil! Happy Thursday my DIY stenciling friends!  We at Cutting Edge Stencils have been busy bees thinking about all the new stencil design we want to create with the help from our fabulous fans.  In case you missed you might want to read […]

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A Passion For Pattern: A Stenciled Home Tour

Awesome use of bold colors and stencil patterns!

Using Color and Stencil Designs in Your Home Decor is Sure to Make it Sizzle! Welcome back, my DIY stenciling friends!  I can hardly contain my excitement and enthusiasm for what I have in store for us today! Color and awesome stencil designs have me acting like a kid in a candy shop.  Meet Kelle […]

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Prettying Up A Powder Room with the Zagora Stencil

Using the Zagora Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to pretty up this powder room!

A Bathroom Makeover Using A Popular Moroccan Stencil We’re all faced with challenges these days, like how to achieve our dream home decor but on a not so dreamy budget! The good news is that making over a room on a budget is not difficult to achieve thanks to wall stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils!  […]

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An Enchanting Chevron Stenciled Bedroom!

Love this! Beautiful chevron stenciled bedroom idea. The chevron striped pattern makes the accent wall pop http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/chevron-stencil-pattern.html

A Chevron Stenciled Bedroom Idea That is Sure to Dazzle! Happy Monday, my DIY lovelies! Trust me; you want to know what we’re buzzing about at Cutting Edge Stencils today! Meet Brooke, one of the bloggers responsible for Chelsea Grey, and her newly revealed Chevron Stenciled bedroom!  Should I stop for a minute while you […]

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Cutting Edge Stencils: Bold vs. Bashful Color Choices

stencil pattern Connection

Bold vs. Bashful Color Choices: Matching Your Stencil with the Perfect Color How to make intricate, simple. Are you nervous about using an intricate stencil design? What about stenciling with bright paint colors? I often hear from customers the concern that a stencil pattern might be “too busy” but my response to that is always, […]

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DIY: Don’t just Do it Yourself, Do it for Yourself!

wall stencil

Cutting Edge Stencils truly believes in DIY art, crafts, and home decor. Our highest goal is to empower you with our stencils and easy instructions. Why not take on your home improvement and home decor projects when we can give you the tools and knowledge to do so? That is what gives us the greatest […]

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Stenciled Floor and Rug Inspiration

stencil DIY home decor

Do you have a wooden floor that looks old and rugged?  A concrete patio that you just don’t know how to beautify?  Or perhaps a rug that looks too plain? Stencils are a great solution for any of these issues. Bring some new life, color and design to your home decor by stenciling on a […]

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Stencil some furniture with Indian Inlay Stencil Kit!


Indian bone inlayed furniture is so popular now! It has been popping up all over the design world, and for good reason: the exquisite craftsmanship and refined intricate designs bring such a luxurious feel to your decor. Reflecting the current trends of Ethnic diversity and World heritage, these furniture pieces create a stunning accent in […]

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How to Stencil a Tote Bag in 4 Easy Steps


Don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Stenciling a tote bag is such a fun and fast project! It took me under 10 minutes a bag and is the perfect way to customize your daughters birthday party gift bags, wedding gift bags, Green grocery bags, book bags and more.  There are so many […]

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Cutting Edge Stencils: Feature Walls, Feature You

Birch Forest Allover Wall Stencil

One of the great qualities about using stencils is that it doesn’t take a lot of time and money to make a big impact in any space. You don’t need to cover every inch of wall space in your room like you would with wallpaper. In fact, a growing trend in wall décor is to do […]

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