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Stencils Transform a Homeless Shelter

Homeless Shelter Large Tree and Bird Stencil

Special Stencil Project Brings a Little Bit of Joy to a Homeless Shelter In May, Cutting Edge Stencils was approached by Cathy Ryon who, with a vision and a warm heart, had a dream to remodel the interior of a homeless shelter in town. Cathy claimed it as her duty to bring life, happiness and […]

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Stencil a Coffered Ceiling Like a Pro


Before Cutting Edge Stencils, we successfully ran the decorative finishing company SpecFin Designs (short for Specialty Finishes). For nearly 25 years, Spec Fin has specialized in high-end finishes and design in the NY/NJ area. We wanted to offer detailed murals, faux frescos and decorative ceilings to our clients but produced in a quick and efficient […]

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Damask/Allover Stenciling Tips: How to use an interlocking stencil

damask stencil

Damasks and Allover stencil patterns! So trendy, so hip, so modern… So tempting!  But can it actually be done? Especially, if one has never stenciled before? Well, it certainly can be done. It’s not even that difficult! In fact many, many of our customers who are stencil newbies did it and got unbelievably beautiful results. […]

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Simple Sponging Faux Finish Technique

sponging technique faux finish stencil

Let’s learn a Simple Sponging Technique. Why sponging? Because it is the easiest ( and least expensive) faux finish, but done right, this is one of the most sophisticated faux finishes.  Perfect project for DIY decorators! Subtle mottled finishes like these create an excelent background for stencils, especially damask stencils! The look resembles aged parchment, […]

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Roller stenciling tips: How to stencil with a roller

stenciling technique

Stenciling with a dense foam roller is by far the fastest stenciling technique, and also the easiest. However, there are couple things to keep in mind to make sure the results are perfect. Rule #1: do not overload your roller with paint and always blot off excess paint onto a paper towel. If you want […]

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Right stencil tools for the right job!

stencils and supplies

Successful stenciling project starts with the right tools! I am going to show you  my favorite stenciling tools and explain why do they work for me while other don’t. There are many tools that are suitable for stenciling. You can use stencil brushes, foam rollers, sponges, pieces of foam, spray paint etc. Some of these […]

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