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A Glamorous Trellis Stenciled Accent Wall

Cutting Edge Stencils shares a DIY stenciled accent wall using the Trellis Allover stencil in Ralph Lauren metallic gold. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/allover-stencil.html

Moroccan Stenciled Accent Wall In Glamorous Metallic Gold Welcome back, my stenciling friends!  Cutting Edge Stencils has always had a fascination with gold. Remember this post? Gleaming, glittering, and totally glamorous, the only thing we love more than this precious color is stencils painted in gold! A metallic gold pattern instantly adds sparkle to any […]

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Stenciling A Luxurious Bedroom

Stenciling the Alexa Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils in gold in a master bedroom. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/alexa-allover-wall-pattern.html

Stenciled Master Bedroom Makeover Features A Gold Alexa Allover Stencil Good morning, my home décor trendsetters! Remember when Cutting Edge Stencils told you we thought gold home décor was rising in popularity?  If you missed it, make sure you read our Home Décor Trend: A Touch of Gold post. This glittering and totally glamorous look seems […]

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Home Decor Trend: A Touch of Gorgeous Gold

Cutting Edge Stencils shares gold home decor trends and stencil ideas! http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/wall-stencils.html

Cutting Edge Stencils Shares Stenciled Gold Home Decor and Room Ideas Good morning, my home decor trendsetters!  Have you noticed gold popping up everywhere in the home decor world these days? Yeah, us too and Cutting Edge Stencils is LOVING the idea! Gleaming, glittering, and totally glamorous, this precious color adds sparkle to any home.  […]

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