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Stencil Spotlight: Diamond Damask Stencil

Gorgeous stenciling ideas using the Diamond Damask Stencil! http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/damask-stencil-pattern.html

Cutting Edge Stencils Shares Inspiration Using the Diamond Damask Stencil Hope all my stenciling friends are having a T-riffic Tuesday!  Now last week you might remember that we shone our stencil spotlight on the oh-so fabulous Tuscan Trellis Stencil.  Today Cutting Edge Stencils has a stencil spotlight that is going to shine brighter than a […]

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Stencil Ideas: Design Multiple Rooms in Your Home with Stencils

Paint Your Stencil Ideas in a Couple Different Rooms! Welcome back, my little DIY darlings! Are you excited to discuss a stencil idea that will absolutely blow your creative little minds? Start out by envisioning your home completely covered, from ceiling to floor, from bathroom to kitchen, in stencils! Ok, now take that horribly cluttered […]

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DIY Bedroom Ideas with Cutting Edge Stencils

DIY Room Decorating with Stencils

Looking to give your sleeping space a makeover? Cutting Edge Stencils is proud to share some bedroom ideas with you! Room decorating has never been so easy with DIY stencils! We have had numerous bloggers share stunning photos of successful DIY projects that they have completed with stencils, and you can do it too! We […]

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Cutting Edge Stencils Blog Feature: Casablanca Transformation

wall stencils

Casablanca Transformation Chair Up-D0 Amy from the blog Casablanca Transformation recently completed a series of stenciled chairs! She experimented with a variety of stencils on different chairs, and advises her audience to go with stencil patterns that do not require much paint and will allow the majority of the chair background to show though. Not […]

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Cutting Edge Stencils: Don’t be a Bore, use Metallic Wall Decor!

Casablanca Allover Stencil

If you are looking for that extra bit of glam and style in your room, stenciling with metallic paint is a great option! Combining your Cutting Edge Stencil with metallic paint is super trendy right now and for good reason.  There are so many beautiful shades of silver, bronze and gold metallic paints available  and […]

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Damask/Allover Stenciling Tips: How to use an interlocking stencil

damask stencil

Damasks and Allover stencil patterns! So trendy, so hip, so modern… So tempting!  But can it actually be done? Especially, if one has never stenciled before? Well, it certainly can be done. It’s not even that difficult! In fact many, many of our customers who are stencil newbies did it and got unbelievably beautiful results. […]

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Clip-on Stencil Level

stencil level

This is our (almost) famous ingenious Clip-On Stencil Level, a ridiculously simple tool that has forever changed allover/damask stenciling. :) If you’re familiar with damask/allover stenciling, then you must know the strain of working with heavy bubble levels, or dizziness that you get after working with blinking red laser levels, or frustration when your stencil […]

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Simple Sponging Faux Finish Technique

sponging technique faux finish stencil

Let’s learn a Simple Sponging Technique. Why sponging? Because it is the easiest ( and least expensive) faux finish, but done right, this is one of the most sophisticated faux finishes.  Perfect project for DIY decorators! Subtle mottled finishes like these create an excelent background for stencils, especially damask stencils! The look resembles aged parchment, […]

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