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Stencils for Ceiling Painting: The New Feature Wall

Stencils for feature wall ceiling painting

Ceilings are the new feature wall!

Stencils are not limited to your vertical walls. We have seen a growing trend of people stenciling their ceilings and we love it! Would you give this bold look a try? If you are looking for some room decorating ideas, we have lots of ceiling painting projects below for inspiration. You can decide for yourself if stenciled ceilings are the new feature wall or if you’d rather stick to the traditional look. Enjoy, and share your thoughts in the comment section!

stencils for ceiling painting decorating ideas

Trellis Stencil Decorating Ideas

This stunning makeover by 4 Men 1 Lady blog was one of the first projects where we saw one of our stencils done on a ceiling. It really is such an elegant and perfect look for a bathroom redo and is one of many painting ideas with our stencils that we absolutely love. In a small bathroom where there is very little wall space to work with, the ceiling can act as a great feature wall.

Stenciled Feature Wall for Ceiling Painting

Fresco Ceiling Painting

Tamra from the Gilded Barn did an amazing job on her fresco ceiling! This gorgeous look is another one of our favorite stenciled ceiling painting ideas. Stenciling your ceiling is a great way to make any space unique and beautiful. “Definitely my favorite room in the house,” says Tamra. For the same look, buy Cutting Edge Stencils Citrus Branches stencil and Swallowtail stencil for this Italian Fresco inspired ceiling project. Watch our how-to stencil a faux fresco mural video if you feel inspired by this gorgeous look.

Stencil decorating ideas for ceiling painting

Damask Decorating Ideas

This Damask Anna stencil project landed Stacy from Not Just a Housewife a page in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Isn’t it just amazing? Her bedroom stenciled ceiling is a great example of how you can stencil the ceiling in any room with great results! Stacy really did a great job of making her ceiling the feature wall in her bedroom in a balanced and high-end design way.

Feature Wall Ceiling Painting with Stencils

Stenciled Ceiling Chinoiserie

This gorgeous stenciled ceiling should definitely be added to your list of stencil decorating ideas. Created by Greg and Janna, this stenciled ceiling coffer was in desperate need of some stencil lovin’ and that’s just what it got with the Japanese Maple Six Piece Stencil Kit. For instructions on how to get a similar look, just buy the Japanese Maple stencils, send us an e-mail, and we will provide detailed instructions.

Ceiling Painting with stencils

Metallic Paint Stenciling

If you have painted your ceiling with a bold color and want to soften up the look a bit, metallic paint and a stencil will be perfect. Like you can see on the ceiling above created by Palma Home Design, metallic paint reflects light in such a beautiful way which looks great on a ceiling feature wall.

So what do you think? Are you a ceiling feature wall fan now? It is hard not to be with all of these beautiful examples. If you are looking for even more inspiration and stencil decorating ideas, check out some these inspiring places:

Thanks for stopping by and please share your thoughts on this new trend.


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