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Stenciling Tabletops with Cutting Edge Stencils

How To Use Stencils To Create a Chic Tabletop

With the holidays quickly approaching, Cutting Edge Stencils wants to help you improve the look and feel of your home with a few fun and satisfying decorating ideas!

If you’re tired of covering up your beat up table with cheap looking tablecloths that only last for one use, consider the home decor design idea of using stencils! Cutting Edge Stencils can help make your tabletops look festive and brand spanking new, so that you can impress your oodles of holiday guests! Your family and friends won’t believe you painted a such a fabulous DIY stenciled table on your own, but it can be our little secret how easy it is to use stencils!

Stenciling with Paisley Allover Stencil on Tabletops

Paisley Tabletop
Many of Cutting Edge Stencils customers have found the Paisley Allover Stencil Pattern to be the perfect choice of DIY stencil patterns to use when renewing a tabletop! This particular stencil pattern is a definitely a top hit room idea! Check out these gorgeous examples of Paisley Tabletops above for a little inspiration!

Tabletops stenciled with Cutting Edge Stencils Rabat Stencil

Rabat Tabletop
Another stencil design that looks just gorgeous on a tabletop is the Rabat Stencil! The Rabat Allover Stencil comes in a small version as well as a large, both of which would look lovely on a tabletop! You also have the option of buying the Rabat Craft Stencil which comes in two sizes too: small and medium! Depending on the size of the tabletop, you can choose your size of Rabat Stencil accordingly! The Rabat Stencils are a simple design that can bring a little class and sophisticate style to your home decor! The Rabat Allover is 50% off today only (12/6/12) when you use the discount code: RABAT

Stenciling tabletops with Cutting Edge Stencils Indian Inlay

Indian Inlay Tabletop
The Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil Kit by Kim Myles was made for projects like this! The Indian Inlay Stencil is far too beautiful to be overlooked! The intricate 5 piece kit can give you the unique style you crave, since there are separate pieces that can be placed in the pattern of your choice! Check out the gorgeous Indian Inlay tabletops above to get your juices flowing!

Stenciling a table with Cutting Edge Stencils Hand Forged Stencil

Hand Forged Tabletop
Guess which underrated stencil design provided such a drastic transformation to the table shown above! Cutting Edge Stencils’ Hand Forged Craft Stencil is a pleasantly dramatic stencil design that also comes in an allover pattern! The neutral colors of this table allow it to fit right in with any other living room ideas you may have!

I hope these awesome craft projects have given you some ideas for painting your tabletops and revamping your furniture for the holidays! If you want to purchase our stencil patterns, shop here: Cutting Edge Stencils! You can also visit our Pinterest and scroll through our boards to see some inspiring stencil projects!

Thanks for reading!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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