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Stenciling Kitchen Decor using the Bon Appetit Stencil

How To Stencil your Kitchen Decor

WARNING: This fabulous Cutting Edge Stencils interior paint idea we are about to disclose involves large stencils, kitchen decor and a whole lot of DIY creativity! I hope you’re prepared for the awesomeness that is this kitchen decor painting idea!

Awesome kitch decor stenciled with Bon Appetit Stencil

Patrice, from Lemon Tree Creations, followed a few easy steps to create this do it yourself vintage, weathered looking home decor piece shown above!

First, she gathered her supplies: two oak boards, acrylic paint, a dry brush, a dense foam roller, and Cutting Edge StencilsBon Appetit Stencil!

Second, Patrice mended together the oak boards and painted them with three coats of white acrylic paint using her dry brush!

Third, she secured her Bon Appetit stencil on the boards with tape, and painted the base layer onto the stencil with Americana’s Weathered Wood solution (for that vintage look)!

Fourth, Patrice used her dense foam roller to apply blue paint over the Weathered Wood Solution, which immediately started cracking the paint, giving it an olden finish!

Fifth,  she sanded down the entire stencil design to add even more to the aged feel of the project!

Sixth, Patricia displayed her stenciled masterpiece as kitchen decor for all to see and admire!

Stenciling Kitchen Decor using Bon Appetit Stencil tutorial

Want more information on how to stencil your kitchen decor?:

Thanks for reading!

Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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