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Stenciling a Textured Wall with Painting Stencils

How To Project: Stenciling on Textured Walls

How to Project: Stencil Beautiful Textured Walls

When using Cutting Edge Stencilsstencil patterns on textured walls, you must first take a deep breath and prepare to be patient! Depending on how ridged your walls are and the look you are going for, it is not impossible to stencil them, but it does take time!

If your wall has a light/medium texture, don’t automatically write off using stencils!

Here’s our advice:

Put as little paint on your brush as possible! Chances of seepage rise the bumpier the wall, so it is best to offload excess paint onto a paper towel before you begin.

When you do begin to paint, use a light stippling or circular rubbing motions with the brush, which does take time.

It is possible to use a dense foam roller. If you choose to use a dense foam roller to paint the stencil, make sure to remove excess paint on a paper towel and apply the paint very lightly.

Use spray adhesive (we recommend Elmer’s repositionable spray adhesive) to help the stencil stay secure to the wall, reducing seepage.

Start small! Stencil a small portion of your wall first, and lift the stencil before the paint dries to examine your work. This way you can use a moist baby wipe to remove the paint if you made a mistake!

Use low contrast colors! Higher contrast colors aren’t very forgiving!

Be smart! If your walls’ ridges are actually very deep “peeks and valleys,” stenciling might not be the best decorating choice for your home! :(

It has been done before!…

Our friends at Occasionally Crafty stenciled this beautiful bathroom on a textured wall with our Paisley Allover Stencil pattern. Their technique was to paint the first coat with the dense foam roller, then go over it with a stencil brush after the first layer dried, and finish off by painting one last coat with the dense foam roller. They did not miss one nook or cranny with this technique! Aren’t the results jaw dropping!?

Paisley Allover Stencil Pattern painted on textured walls!

Want to achieve this look in your home?

  • Read our FAQ page for any stenciling/paint questions you may have!
  • Shop Cutting Edge Stencils for the design that speaks to you!
  • Comment this post to let us know your thoughts on stenciling textured walls!

Thanks for reading!

Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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