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Cutting Edge Stencils Is Featured in Budget Decorating and Elle Decor

Good morning, my DIY friends! What can we say but when you’re hot… you are HOT!  Cutting Edge Stencils is on fire this week.  Just yesterday we spotted our Chelsea Allover in Country Living Magazine.  And today we noticed not one, not two, but THREE of our gorgeous stencil patterns in the news.  It seems as though Budget Decorating Magazine AND Elle Decor have caught onto the stencil hype and have featured our Tribe Craft stencil, Houndstooth Craft stencil, and Chevron Allover stencil patterns.  Go ahead and let out a little woohoo ( you know we did) and then come take a look at what they had to say.

Houndstooth Stenciled Pillow and Tribe Stenciled Lampshade

First up, we spotted two of our stylish craft stencil patterns in the 2014 issue of Budget Decorating Magazine.  We love this magazine and its creative ideas.  On page 128 in a story called, 12 Ways to Paint Your Room Pretty, they show how paint and stencils can rejuvenate furniture, walls, and decor accessories.  We totally agree that a whole new look is just a stencil brush away!  Check out tip #1 for adding a graphic punch to a pillow.  Yup that’s our Houndstooth Craft stencil pattern painted on gray fabric using DecoArt Americana acrylic craft paint in cadmium yellow.  Now if you just flip the page to tip #10 and you’ll see our Tribe Craft stencil.  To enhance a plain jane drum lampshade, the publication painted our tribal pattern in Benjamin Moore’s stormy monday, brown sugar, and gypsy pink.  We’re in awe of these super easy yet impressive DIY projects, aren’t you?

Stenciled home decor craft ideas found in Budget Decorating Magazine. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/tribe-craft-stencil.html

Chevron Stenciled Floor

Next we spotted our super popular, Chevron Allover stencil, on the super stylish Elle Decor website.  Can you say super impressive?  Each day, the high end decor website provides readers with design tips and tricks on how to replicate the look of their favorite designer rooms.  Well lo and behold, our zippy stripe pattern was named tip of the day on July 31st.  The website featured the Manhattan living room of interior designer Tony Fornabaio and Joe Lupo.  Then explained to readers how they could easily recreate the look of intricate inlaid flooring without a pricy renovation project just by using our stencil.  All they have to do is secure the Chevron Allover stencil to a clean, dry floor, and paint over the area.   Remove the stencil, reposition it, and repeat the pattern until the surface is covered. Seal with a protective coating and it’s complete!

A Chevron Allover stenciled floor idea found in Elle Decor Magazine. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/chevron-stencil-pattern.html

Which one of these clever stencil projects do you like the most?  We’d love to read thoughts, so leave us a comment below!

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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