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Stencil A Tropical Wall For Under $95

Affordable Tropical Wall Design using Stencils

Happy Friday Cutting Edge Stencils DIY-ers! Check out this GORGEOUS stenciled tropical wall we created for under $95! Yes, you read that right. Get this Tropical Wall design using our Wall Art Stencils.  This simple DIY project is an inexpensive way to add the ultimate wow factor to a room. Ditch the pricey wall paper with this trending stencil alternative! Let’s get stenciling!

Stenciled wall art using tropical stencil designs

For this project we are bringing back our in-house stenciling guru, Erika. Introducing wall stencils to a room can be an easy way to create texture and dimension. Erika is here to show you how easy this Tropical Wall stenciled pattern can be. Take a quick peek at this video tutorial before we begin:

For our tropical wall Erika used two separate stencil kits. The first is the Bermuda Breeze Tropical Wall Stencil Kit and second is the Palm Fronds 3-Piece Wall Pattern Kit! The three colors used for the stencils are Navajo White, Vienna Green, and Balsam. The pretty base color for the wall Erika chose is Pink Canopy! You’ll need paint trays, paper towels, 2″ dense foam rollers, PIY Chalk Powder, and spray adhesive!

Paint and stencil supplies to stencil tropical wall

Apply Sticky Note Spray adhesive to the back of the palm fronds and bermuda breeze stencil. Then, for extra strength we also recommend adding blue painters tape to each side of the stencil before taping to the wall!

Adhesive spray and blue painters tape for stencil

Take the dense foam roller and roll on the first paint color. Be sure to apply paint thoroughly on the entire roller including the edges. Then take roller and roll off all excess paint that could produce bleeding when painting over the stencil.

Rolling on green paint to stencil brush

Time to stencil! The beauty about the Palm Fronds Kit and the Bermuda Breeze Kit is that their are several size stencils to use. To create the tropical wall design, you can place each stencil at random along to wall to cover it entirely. No wall will ever be the same!

Placing palm fronds stencil on to wall

You can begin to paint over the wall stencils using the dense foam rollers! You can designate a specific color each individual wall stencil to make it easier when placing the stencils around the wall. This will help spread out the colors instead of having too many Navajo white stencils in a clump! Use a light pressure when rolling. You can always go back an add several layers.

Painting tropical wall over palm fronds stencil

Again, the beauty about this design is that you can have a palm fronds stencil, and bermuda breeze stencil overlap at random! It gives a great wall mural design.

painting the tropical all using palm fronds stencil

Notice above how when overlapping the stencils the darker green peaks through. The light green is basically translucent.  (PRO TIP: You can apply the PIY Chalk Powder to the paint for better coverage when using multiple colors!)

As you work along your tropical wall, continue placing and overlapping the Bermuda Breeze and Palm Fronds stencils to cover any bare spots. You can make it as busy or as simple as you’d like, depending on the room!

Overlapping palm fronds stencil to create tropical wall design

We are all so excited to show you Erika’s Tropical Wall! We cannot believe that this was done using stencils. Save money and time doing it this way, rather than spending a fortune on wallpaper and hours applying it to walls. This tropical palm fronds trend is perfect for summer too!

Tropical wall design using palm fronds stencil

Tell us, which room in your home is ready for a wall stencil update? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Haven’t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!
Karli and The Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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