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Stencil Ideas: Stenciling Wood Wall Art!

Stencil Ideas to Turn Wood Boards into Cool Wall Art!

WE’RE ALIVE! It’s 12/21/12, and the world didn’t end! And as far as I’m concerned, a zombie apocalypse has yet to ensue! PHEW! Those darn Mayans certainly had us all in a tizzy, but the anticipation of the earth’s ultimate termination also had us thinking, “What stencil ideas did Cutting Edge Stencils neglect to inform its DIYers about before the fate of the world concluded forever?!” (Yes, we do think our stencil ideas should be the last thing on your mind before the world ends :) So then we thought.. WOOD! Our  nature influenced, rustic home decor lovers would die unfulfilled and uniformed about the wood wall art that their fellow artsy DIYers had created before their timely fates. We just couldn’t bear the thought! So, thank goodness we’ve lived to see another day! Don’t waste a minute; keep reading!

Family Tree Wood Stenciled Wall Art

DIY Family Tree with Cutting Edge Stencils Tree Stencils

About a month ago we shared this project with you on our Facebook page, and it was such a hit! Our  friend Jen, from the blog Delightful Deets, is the mastermind behind this adorable wood craft project, and we were lucky enough to have her share with us some “delightful details” about how she did it! Jen started off with some wood boards, and no ideas. But, when we contacted her about using our stencils, the lightbulb above her head lit up instantly! Since she often relocates to new homes, Jen wanted to create something with our Large Fruit Tree stencil that could be easily transportable! After watching some of Cutting Edge Stencils’ How-To Videos, she got to work, creating a large, moveable family tree! We’re so impressed with her creativity and craftsmanship! Aside from stenciling on our tree design with neutral colors (to match any room), Jen painted on the phrase “Families are Forever” and shuffled through vintage photos to attach to the branches! The photos can easily be moved to make room for new family members as well! Great idea, Jen!

How to create a stenciled family tree

Spring Songbirds Wood Wall Art

Erin, from the blog Lemon Tree Creations, made this adorable rustic wall art out of old, weathered barn wood given to her by a friend! She had her hubby and little man attach the wood boards together with metal braces, and purchased three shades of acrylic paint to cover the boards with three layers of the stencil pattern! Erin used spray adhesive to get the stencil to stick to the wood and a stencil brush to paint on the design. For the first layer, she positioned the stencil off center and painted with bronze color paint. Then she repositioned the stencil and used gold paint. After readjusting the stencil to the center of the board, Erin applied the white paint. She allowed time for each layer to dry before stenciling the next. The end results speak for themselves!

Stenciling Wood Wall Art with Cutting Edge Stencils Spring Songbirds

Well, that’s it for today! If you can’t get enough of us:

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Thanks for reading! Happy holidays, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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