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Stencil Ideas: Design Multiple Rooms in Your Home with Stencils

Paint Your Stencil Ideas in a Couple Different Rooms!

Welcome back, my little DIY darlings! Are you excited to discuss a stencil idea that will absolutely blow your creative little minds? Start out by envisioning your home completely covered, from ceiling to floor, from bathroom to kitchen, in stencils! Ok, now take that horribly cluttered apparition and tone it down a few notches! Cutting Edge Stencils wants you to consider using our stencils in multiple rooms of your house without it being overkill! We can show you how it works to ease you into the idea! Challenge accepted? Cool! Let’s begin!

How It’s Done

Stenciling Multiple Rooms in your home with Cutting Edge Stencils

Enter our friend, Erin, from the blog How To Nest For Less! She transformed two rooms in her home with our wall stencils, and consequently “woke up” her whole home! A daughter’s bedroom and a craft room later, Erin had designed herself some pretty bold, fashionable spaces, and definitely didn’t over do it!

Verde Damask Bedroom

Before/After shots Verde Damask Stenciled Room

Erin first gave her daughter, Ella’s room a stencil makeover using Cutting Edge StencilsVerde Damask Stencil! The BEFORE/AFTER photos sure do speak for themselves, but we want to give you the full rundown explaining how you can do it too!

Erin’s technique was a bit unconventional compared to some of the previous stencil projects mainly because instead of a dense foam roller, she used a sponge brush to paint on her stencil design! Erin dipped the sponge in watered down Metallic Silver Acrylic Paint and tried stenciling on a sample board before attacking her wall to make sure the results would be as she’d hoped. When Erin did attack the wall with the damask stencil, she started 2/3 of the way up all the way on the left side, a spot that would potentially be covered by other furniture. Erin let each single stencil design dry for a few minutes before moving it over and lining it up using the registration marks to paint the next single design. The whole feature wall effect only took Erin 4 hours and under $65 to complete! The Verde Damask design retails at $49.95, the two bottles of paint came out to $6, and the sponge was $6!

Verde Damask step-by-step transformation!

Marrakech Trellis Craft Room

As a seasoned pro, Erin decided to stencil a mellow yellow craft room next with our Marrakech Trellis Stencil in size long! This pattern comes with a top part stencil as well as a small single stencil to help complete the design in the corners (and in Erin’s case, around the window and light switches) of the room! Erin also bought herself a stencil level and a dense foam roller this time around, which definitely helped get crisp, straight lines! For this room, Erin painted the background color of the walls with Olympic interior latex paint in Evening Glow with an eggshell finish, and used Olympic interior latex paint Eggshell Ultra White for the stencil design! This time, Erin started stenciling in the most visible place in the room (top left corner) because she was more confident with her abilities! The whole room took her about 6 hours to complete! Check out the visual of her process below!

Using Marrakech Trellis to transform your Craft Room

A Few Tips

All in all, Erin’s home successfully adapted to multiple stenciled rooms, and we have a few notions as to why. Even though our stencils are fit for first timers, the more you stencil, the more confidence you build, and the better you get at it! We’re by no means telling you to stencil your whole house, but once you’ve got the ball rolling, a few different designs in a few different rooms can be quite aesthetically pleasing! A more subtle way to go can be stenciling a feature wall in one room and covering a different room in a head-to-toe allover pattern! If you are choosing different patterns, you may also want to pick rooms that are separated by doors and are more closed off so as not to clash the designs!  Also consider using the differing designs for different projects (rugs, ceilings, curtains, etc.) Each room in your home can represent its own character and theme, but the overall image and vibe of the home should not be forgotten when choosing your designs! Some of our customers have also used the same stencil in various rooms, which really ties the home together as a whole, but we’ll save those gems for a later date!

For now:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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